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DEVINE CHROMA… Epi 3 Abdul Hnnan Ch



(Bay Rang Peyya By Amjad Javeed)

Abdul Hnnan Ch

The bungalow in the posh area of Lahore was well respected. That bungalow was a symbol of respect for not only the people of Lahore but the masses from other cities. That bungalow was so respected because Syed Zeeshan Rasool Bukhari lived there. He lived there with his small family. He had a vast business but he was famous as a spiritual person. He used to meet people coming to meet him in the morning then got busy in his work. He met the general public on holidays only. He listened their problems and tried his best to solve them. His sons had taken over his business. Now he spent his whole day in meeting the visitors. Several matters were discussed in his gatherings. In the morning he sat in his room. The people came to see him and told him their problems. Just like that there was a gathering at night.

He was sitting as usual in his room. There were many people in the waiting room.  An old woman was there in his room. A young lad was watching the door anxiously. He was waiting for the old woman to come out. The young man was of a well of family. He had a car`s key in his hand. When the old woman came out, he started moving towards the room quickly. He saw a saint wearing a simple dress was sitting on a sofa. Zeeshan Shah was looking at the young man. He asked the young man to sit in front of him on a sofa. When he sat down, Zeeshan Shah asked him in a very kind manner, “What can I do for you?”

“Shah Sab! I am here to request you something. But I don`t know how to say it,” he said.

“Please, tell me what your problem is?” Shah Sab said.

“I don`t know how to say. I`m really confused,”

“Say whatever you want to say, if you will not tell me anything how I can help you,” Shah Sab said politely.

“I love a girl. I want to marry her. She loves me too,” he said.

Shah Sab took a long breath and asked, “Then, what is the problem?”

“Her parents are not ready to accept me. The difference of status is the problem. I`m from a rich family but they are even more rich. But I love her, I can`t live without her,” he tried his best to explain the matter.

Shah Sab asked, “Can the girl leave her family for you?”

“This is the problem. I asked her to leave her home but she says that she will marry me if her parents accept me,” the boy said.

“What do you want?” Shah Sab asked.

The boy replied, “I want her to leave her house. Our marriage is impossible in her parents` presence.”

“I understand your problem. But you have to confirm me how much do you love her.”

“I love her from the core of my heart. She is my passion (ishq). I can`t live without her. I shall die without her,” said the boy.

“Ok, I understand. It is not impossible. It can be done as you want. She will come to you,” Shah Sab said.

“Please sir, tell me what to do. I shall be grateful to you,” he said quickly.

“I have a pill. If you will eat that pill everything will happen as you want. But the pill is quite costly,” Shah Sab said.

The young man asked surprisingly, “I heard that you don`t take money or gifts. If it works I shall pay you. What is the cost of the pill?”

“It costs one hundred thousand,” Shah Sab replied.

He said surprisingly, “One hundred thousand, it is very costly.”

“How much you can pay?” Shah Sab asked as he knew what the young man will do. He remained silent for some time then told that he could pay four to five thousand.

Shah Sab smiled and said, “It`s too low, please increase some money.”

The young man told that he couldn`t give more than six thousand.

“Ok, you can give six thousand. You want the pill now or will come again,” Shah Sab asked.

“You can give it now but I have no money,” answered the young man.

Shah Sab said, “Ok, I am giving you the pill now, you can give me money later.”

He put his hand in his pocket and took out a small box of pills. There were many pills of different colours. Shah Sab gave him a black pill and instructed him to eat it two hours before sleeping.

“But how it is possible that I shall take the pill and she will come to me,” he asked.

“This is the point to understand,” said Shah Sab.

Shah Sab smiled as the Young man left the room.

Next morning when there was nobody in Shah Sab`s waiting room, the young man reached there. He looked worried. His clothes were dirty. His face was pale. He sat down in a chair. After a moment he started walking anxiously and then sat down. By the passage of time the people started to come. After some time Shah Sab came in his room. He entered the room. Shah Sab asked him why he was there.

He told that Shah Sab might have given him a wrong pill. Something had gone wrong with him. He looked very much worried.

Shah Sab asked politely, “What happened?”

“I have not paid you money that`s why you have done this with me. I am giving you your money but please cure me,” he said.

“I am asking you what has happened,” Shah Sab said.

“When I took that pill, my body became icy cold. I lost my emotions. It seemed somebody had taken out my youth. I became impotent,” he said angrily.

Shah Sab asked, “Did the girl come?”

“I am impotent, what could I have done if she came,”

“What happened if you are an impotent, your love is alive,” Shah Sab said.

The young man interrupted him, “If I am impotent then what I shall do with that love.”

“It means that was not love but lust. You love her body not soul. That is the love you were claiming about. That is your passion (ishq). You became impotent and your love disappeared. You are giving your lust the name of love. What kind of love is it that needs the help from others? You don`t want to spend anything and want to conquer everything. That is the love for which a girl will leave her parents and come to you.”

“I don`t know anything but I want be like as before. I shall give you two hundred thousand,” he grumbled.

Shah Sab asked, “Why are spending so much money? You want to achieve your lover or your lost power.”

He was irritated, “Shah Sab! If I am an impotent then what I shall do with my beloved.”

He took out money and put it in front of Shah Sab. Shah Sab took out the same pills` box, gave him a silver pill and said, “Swallow it now and you will be alright in two hours.”

The young man took the pill and thanked Shah Sab. Shah Sab asked him to take his money. The young man was surprised. He asked, “Why?”

“I gave you that black pill to make you realise that you don`t love that girl. You love your lust. You should admit now that you are a big liar and I don`t like liars. Love doesn`t teach us to be lusty like animals. Love is a pure humanly behaviour. Love is not being passionate about somebody`s body, it is an attachment with soul,” Shah Sab replied very calmly.

The young man was feeling ashamed. He stood up and walked towards the door. Shah Sab took a long breath and shut his eyes. He didn`t open his till the young man left the room.


Malik Fazal Dad was an old man. He had grandsons and daughters but he was quite healthy. His life was not like a bed of roses. It was full of testing times but he fought with the problems and was winner most of the time. But the incident that happened two years ago had broken him. He had two sons, Fahim Fazal and Saleem Fazal. Both were married. Fahim had a daughter and a son, Owais and Mehwish. Saleem had only one daughter Aayat un Nisa. Fazal Dad loved her a lot. He lost his wife, son Saleem and daughter in law in a car accident. It was very difficult for him to bear that loss. The only aim of his life was Aayat. Aayat was orphan now. He knew the nature of his son Fahim. He couldn`t leave Aayat as Fahim`s responsibility. He and Aayat were living in a large portion of his bungalow. Fahim, his wife Salma, his son Owais, Owais`s wife Maliha were living in the other portion.

Fazal Dad knew everything about Aayat. The bitter experiences of life had made her very responsible. He wanted that Aayat might marry. But Aayat didn`t want to marry. She took responsibility of the business and devoted herself for it. He knew that if his blood relation would have thought for her the situation might be different. Whenever he was sitting alone, he was thinking about Aayat.

He was sitting in the corridor near the porch. He had a newspaper in his hand but he was thinking about Aayat. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn`t realise when Aayat entered through the gate. She was wearing a tracksuit. Her face had turned red. Her hair was bonded together with a hair band. She was gasping. She came jogging in a nearby park. She her grandfather who had the newspaper in his hands but he was lost in his thoughts. She came near him and snatched newspaper of his hands. He looked up in a fright, Aayat was there.

“That`s you,” he smiled.

“Dadu! If you think that you can lie with me, it is impossible because you don`t know how to tell a lie, especially in front of me. Quickly tell me what are you thinking?” said Aayat.

Fazal Dad replied seriously, “Yes, I am thinking. But I shall tell you what I am thinking after breakfast.”

“No, you have to tell me now,” Aayat insisted.

“I shall tell you but you have to promise to accept whatever I say,” he said with a smiling face.

“Ok, then listen. As you know the business community had a meeting with chief minister. You have to attend this meeting. I am going somewhere else. I shall not go to office today.”

“It must be a very important matter for which you are leaving meeting with the chief minister,” she asked curiously.

Fazal Dad told her that he had a marriage proposal for her and he was going to meet them. Aayat stood quiet in front of him and then opened her mouth to say something. Fazal Dad held her hand and said that he knew what she wanted to say. But it was his duty and he had to do it.

Aayat said, “I have decided not to marry. Please, don`t force me.”

She went away quickly. Fazal Dad became sad but smiled after a while. When she came to porch, she was wearing a black business suit. She was looking serious. She had light make up. She was wearing white earrings, white necklace made of original pearls and a diamond ring in her right hand. She was looking an impressive business woman. When the driver opened the door she asked him to drive her to a government building where business community was gathered. They were standing in hall and greeting each other. After a while the chief minister came with a delegation. Then they moved to a conference hall. She sat on one side of table with the business community and the official delegation sat on the other side of the table. The negotiation was not started yet when she saw a familiar face sitting just in front of her. She was stunned to see Tahir Bajwa. Aayat had recognized him but Tahir was looking at her doubtfully. He was surprised.

During the meeting Aayat listened everything carefully. She spoke too when it was appropriate. After the meeting when she was going to leave the conference hall, Tahir came running towards her.

“Are you Aayat un Nisa?” he asked.

Aayat replied with a smile, “Yes Tahir, I have recognised you. Don`t be curious.”

Tahir whispered, “You are here among the top business men,”

“If you have time come with me or you can come to my office,” Aayat said.

“I shall come with you,” he said.

Aayat warned him, “You are with chief minister.”

He said carelessly, “You don`t worry, I`m coming with you.”

“Ok, we shall talk in my office,” she said and walked towards a lavish car. The driver opened the door and the sat in the car. They didn`t exchanged a single word in the way. Aayat`s office was on the second floor of a multi story building. Tahir sat on a sofa in the office and lit up a cigarette.

“You have a grand office,” Tahir said.

“Tea or coffee? We shall have lunch together,” Aayat said.

“I`m not going anywhere, I want talk with you,” he said.

Aayat ordered tea on intercom. After a while Tahir complained, “You went away suddenly. You didn`t even bother to tell me.”

Aayat smiled and spoke in a pleasant way after a moment of silence, “I can say that I had no jewelry to sell. But actually I had a work to do there. When I finished it, I came back. I know you have many questions. To answer these questions, I have to tell you a lot about myself. So leave these questions and just remember that we met in Bhawalpur.”

Tahir looked at her face and said, “I tried my best to find you but couldn`t.” He found more signs of life on Aayat`s face. Aayat neglected whatever Tahir said. She asked if he was elected M.P.A. for the first time. Tahir`s answer was yes. He told her that she was neglecting his questions.

Aayat said, “There is no use of discussing all these things now.”

“I know you are a successful business person. You know more about profit and loss.  You always want profit. But I have to say all. Let me say. If I shall not say, something inside me _______.”

“Say whatever you want. I am listening,” said Aayat.

He looked her face for a while and said, “After you left Bhawalpur my friends told me that you were helping a child.”

“Oh! You were spying.” she asked.

“You can say that. They were curious about you,” Tahir told her

She smiled and said, “I am sure they and even you were thinking me a fraud.”

“I shall not say no and shall not excuse for that because our social behaviour is like that. I bought all that jewelry because you saved me from insult and embarrassment. After some time, my fiends forced me to have an idea about its price. Its price was quite higher than what I paid.” explained Tahir.

She said sadly, “This world always takes full advantage of anybody who is in trouble. If someone says that he has constraint and want to sell something, the people offer him less price. They wait when a compelled person comes and they take advantage of that compulsion.

“Yes, it`s true,” Tahir said in a low voice,” I investigated about that child also. They are really poor people. I could not understand that you reached Bhawalpur for that child. What is your relation with that child?”

Aayat answered him in a lively way, “That boy is my life. You must have read in fairy tales that a person`s life is in parrot, similarly my life is in Sarmad. I`m alive jut because of him.”

“Are you married? Is he your son?” asked Tahir.

“No, I am not married and he is not my son. But he is even more important to me, more than my own children,” said Aayat. Every word she said was full of love and affection. Tahir was confused. He asked one question but many more question had arose.

He asked if she was not married.

Aayat said, “No and I shall never marry.”

Tahir smiled, crushed his cigarette in ashtray and inquired, “Why do you not want to marry?”

“You see, every answer is raising another question. So, don`t be so curious. Just remember that we once met in Bhawalpur,” said Aayat.

He said, “If I am the only one who is asking these questions or these question will never be asked then I shall not ask them.”

Aayat said, “No, everybody asks me the same questions. These questions are related to my story. No one else has any benefit or loss from it. So, no one should be curious about it. When Aayat insisted Tahir thought it better to be quite. Mean while a servant brought tea. While taking tea, Tahir said, “If there is something personal and there will be a loss of you by telling, don`t tell me. But some strange things happened in Bhawalpur after you left. Your side of story is that you love that boy a lot. But when I went Sarmad`s home, his uncle was talking rubbish about you.”

“Did you meet his family? Aayat asked.

“Yes, he was our factory worker.”

Aayat put her cup back in the tray and said, “I know what they might have said about me. How is your politics going on? Aayat tried to change the topic.

“Politics is just like a business for us. Now you will ask about people welfare and political slogans. The people themselves don`t want a change. They like status quo,” Tahir answer in a frank manner. Aayat smiled and asked, “Can you speak this truth everywhere?”

“No, the truth is spoken when you are not afraid of consequences. I have no fear of speaking truth in front of you so I spoke,” He stopped for a while, lit up another cigarette, smiled and said, “as you are afraid of speaking truth in front of me.”

“Ok, leave that topic for another day,” she said.

“Thank you very much for giving me permission to meet you again. I had another question for you that at that time you have to sell your jewelry and now you are running a huge business,” he smiled. Aayat didn`t comment at that and said, “I have to attend a meeting regarding our negotiation with the chief minister. It`s important. Please wait for me for a while. I shall be their soon.” He relaxed on the sofa and Aayat went out.

When she came back home it was evening. It was pleasant out there. Grandfather was sitting in the lawn. He was lost in his thoughts. When she came out of her car, he smiled at her. She knew that his smile was not real. She walked towards him. She greeted him and sat in front of him. He discussed about her meeting with the chief minister. Aayat told him everything in detail. He advised her to go and take rest. She smiled in a naughty way and asked what happened during his visit to her so called in laws. He told her that her that he knew why she was asking about that. That question had made him sad.

She said, “Dadu, I was just joking.”

He said, “I met them. The family was reasonable. I met the boy also but I didn`t like them.”

“Why?” Aayat asked with a pleasant surprise.

Dadu said in a sad way, “They didn`t asked much about you. They investigated about your business a lot.”

Aayat smiled and said, “It means they are greedy.”

“I think,” he said, “Now go and have some rest. See you at dinner.”

Aayat normally read something as a magazine, book or any article before going to bed.  That night she didn`t do so. She was thinking about Tahir. Why Tahir Bajwa is so curious about her. Is that curiosity was Tahir`s nature or it was her mysterious behaviour? Tahir Bajwa was not changed. He was still very much truthful and good and prompt decision maker. But Aayat herself had changed a lot. That change was for a cause. She had an aim and that aim was Sarmad. She had not yet sure to answer Tahir`s questions or not. Her own story was the answer. The story, that changed her life. She was thinking there was no use to answer Tahir. If he insisted then she would decide. She was satisfied and slept.


The weather was pleasant. It had been raining since morning. Syed Zeeshan Rasool was sitting in his room. There were not many people to meet him. Most of them left as the rain stopped. In the end a young man came to him. Shah Sab signaled him to sit and asked, “What can I do for you?”

“Respected Shah Sab, my purpose of coming to you is not dua, I just come to see you. It will be a great privilege to sit with you,” he said obediently.

“Ok, let us talk at any topic,” Shah Sab said.

The young man looked out of the window. The sky was clear then, Rainbow had appeared. The young man smiled and asked obediently, “Shah Sab! There are a lot of colours in the rainbow. There is a question regarding this fact. May I ask?”

“Yes, why not,” Shah Sab said.

“There is word in the Holy Quran “Sibghat Ullah” that means “The Colour of Allah” or “Devine Chroma”. What is that Devine Chroma? How it looks like?” asked the young man.

Shah Sab smiled, looked at his face and said politely, “Scholars and interpreters have said a lot about it. But to understand it you have to know that what is colour, what are its components and how it is formed? The real source of Sibghat, colour or Chroma is light. The light has all the colours. Our eye shows us these colours. The eye can feel the colour when the light strikes anything and reaches to our eye. According to experts, the colours can be seen due to the speed and way of light. Wave length of the light separates the colours which is called spectrum of light. Colours are rays of different wave length of force. We can recognise the colours by the colour of sunlight, dust particles, air components, size of environmental molecules and angle from which we are looking at.”

The young man said humbly, “I could not understand technical terms, please tell me in simple words.”

Shah Sab explained, “When the light strikes something, suppose it is a red rose, now the eye will see only the red rays other rays will be absorbed. The leaf will look green and other colours will be absorbed.”

The young man nodded his head and said, “It means the light has all the colours.”

Shah Sab said, “Yes, all the colours beam out of the light. We can see all colours of light through a prism. It is said that there are three basic colours; blue, red and yellow. These colours cannot be made by mixing the other colours. But by mixing these colours, many colours are kept on forming. So blue, red and yellow are the primary colours and others are secondary.”

The young man kept quiet for a few moments, looked at Shah Sab and asked, “Do all colours possess their own importance; as _ white and black. Every colour has its own identity. Black is the combination of all the colours. Just like that white is also a combination. These opposite colours have colours in them. If we take out a single colour from a colour combination either its white or black the nature of colour will be changed. Any other colour will be found. Because they are not basic or primary colours, they are secondary colours. Different people give much importance to the black and white colours. Some inconsiderate and unworldly persons like to wear like the black and the others like to wear white cloak. It is thought that they take these colours as symbols and relate them with spirituality. For example, the black is thought to be an important colour. It is said that no colour can cover it but it can cover all the colours. If it is true then it texture cannot be changed by taking a colour of it. Black is not itself a primary colour. It is not understandable in on instance we say the black is a symbol of sadness and grief. On the other hand we say it`s beauty. Mountain Toor is black, is it sacred due to its colour? No, there is another reason behind it. A colour doesn`t know that it is taken as a symbol. We humans have made them symbolic. A crow is a bird. Can we declare it a sinner because it is black? All the qualities of a crow are given by Allah All Mighty. We have made symbols. Like owl is ill-omened in the East and scholar in the West.”

“But if we give the black a rank of being sacred,” asked the young man.

“We use the black when want to make the white prominent. We use it to glorify the whiteness. Holy Kaaba is not itself black. Its cover the Qaswa is black. Qaswa is black because it is the symbol to call all world towards it. Abstemious persons took that colour apparently. If the black is so sacred then why is it said to keep your heart clean and pure? Why is it not said to keep the heart black? Why is the face not black? First we have to know the reality of the colour then we can determine its importance.”

The young man said, “Now, I understand what is colour? But what is Sibghat Ullah; Colour of Allah the Devine Chroma.

“Allah says about himself that He is Noor. Allah is the Noor of the Earth and the Heavens. Noor is the colourlessness which is the source of all the colours. Allah has created all the colours we see on the Earth and the sky. All the colours are of that Colourless,” said Shah Sab.

The young man was even more confused. He asked, “Humans are belonged to a materialistic world. How can the human race recognise Noor?”

Shah Sab said, “To know the colour of a human we have to understand a human. Without any argument it is fact that the base of the human race is colourlessness. White and black are not primary colours. The real standard of a human can be judged by his colourlessness. If a human is colourless then he can be source of colours. Then he can produce colours. When a human becomes colourless he transfers it to another. All the colourless combine together to create a unity. Now, the question arise what is the standard of humanity? The human history has accepted that the standard of humanity is the Holy Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). If we have the standard of that colourlessness then we will join the unity of the human beings. If we shall find any decrease in the standard, we have to increase it. That increase can be produced by the passion (ishq).”

The young man asked, “Will this colourlessness will bring Allah closer to His slaves?”

Shah Sab replied, “Yes, the air is for everyone. Everybody breathes. Allah is alone. Allah is unique. He is colourless but He is the source of all the colours. He is the Creator of the colours.”

The young man asked, “Can a human make himself colourless?”

Shah Sab replied, “The Holy Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) is the standard of colourlessness for the human beings. As a person touches that standard, he becomes colourless. A man can contaminate himself with the colours of the world. By mixing all the colours, he can be covered with black but still he has a quality of being colourless. He can one by one get rid of the colours of the world and move slowly towards the colourlessness.”

He asked, “Can you tell me about the colourlessness?”

Shah Sab smiled and said, “Think about the colours, in next sittings we shall talk about it also.”

He thanked Shah Sab and said that his curiosity had increases. He would come again.

He shook hand with Shah Sab and went out of the room. Shah Sahib was still thinking.


It was almost midnight. Tahir could not sleep yet. When he was tired of trying to sleep he started to walk to and fro in his bed room. Then he came out in the corridor and sat in a chair. The light was dim there. The lawn was well lit. His security guards were standing at some distance. The atmosphere was silent. He knew the cause of his uneasiness. He was thinking about Aayat. As he was thinking about her he was getting more confused. He could not take lunch with her. She was busy. He was waiting for her but the chief minister was calling him. He called his driver, told the office girl and went to the chief minister office. He belonged to a feudal family but they had their business too. He had understood that Aayat was running a very good business and she was not less than them in the business. He didn`t care about her wealth. But Aayat had become so important for him. He was surprised too how it happened.

He didn`t find her neither beautiful nor attractive when saw her for the first time. He was thinking could the wealth increase a person`s beauty. After she left Bahawalpur, he tried to find her. He reached the girls with whom she was staying. They didn`t tell anything. He found Sarmad`s address from the hospital. When he reached there, he found information about her. But that information didn`t build her positive impression. He met Sarmad`s uncle Ibrar Hussain who was worker in his factory. He said, “Sarmad is son of my late brother Waqar Hussian. He was a very smart young man. He studied in Lahore. That girl Aayat loved him. When Waqar was married he was studying in university. At that time we didn`t know that that girls is passionate about my brother. After one year Sarmad was born. We were very happy. My brother was murdered in Lahore. Then she contacted Waqar`s wife. May be her revenge was not fulfilled. When Sarmad got ill, she came for his treatment. She took Sarmad and his mother with her. We don`t know why our sister in law is so captivated by her.”

“Do you know where she lives?” Tahir asked.

He replied, “She lives in Lahore. She belongs to a rich family. That is the only thing I know about her.”

Tahir said, “She took your sister in law with her and you were unaware. Is Sarmad your nephew?”

Ibrar replied, “Our sister in law doesn`t listen to us.”

Tahir advised him to find her. Actually that was his wish. But Ibrar never contacted him.

He wanted to find Rabia and ask her about Aayat`s address but general elections were announced. His father Sikandar Hayat Bajwa decided that Tahir would contest the election. He devoted himself for the election. Jaweria and her father Inam ul Haq came to their home. They announced their unconditional support. Jaweria worked hard during the campaign. He became a member parliament. His father gave him his house in Lahore. He remained in contact with Jaweria but then he became busy in the government affairs.

Tahir never thought that Aayat would meet him in these circumstances. He could not recognise her in the first sight. Her personality was completely changed. She had fresh face, pink cheeks and black confident eyes. She was looking very smart. That ordinary girl that was doubted by him too was sitting in front of him as a successful business woman. He forgot about the meeting. He unintentionally looked at her wrist. The same bracelet was in her wrist. She was wearing same earring, similar ring was shining on her right hand. When she talked during the meeting he realised that she knew about business. He was confused. He had many questions to ask. But he was afraid if she would recognise him or not. Tahir who was very confident person was confused because of her personality.

He didn`t even know what happened in the meeting. But Aayat`s behaviour surprised him. He wanted to talk with her but it didn`t happen. The desire to know about her which began in university had increased even more now. Aayat was like a jigsaw puzzle for him and he wanted from the core of his heart to solve it. He was busy in the day but when he was free he started to think about Aayat again. He looked in front of him. His security guards were standing alert. He looked at them for a while. He was trying his best to stop thinking about Aayat. When he got up the next morning, he was still thinking about her. He kept on thinking. It was noon then. He stopped his car in front of Aayat`s office. When he left home he was thinking about calling her but he hadn`t her number. He could have found her office number but he didn`t want to waste time. He reached her office. He parked the car and came to reception. He told the girl behind the counter that he wanted to meet Miss Aayat. She asked Tahir if he had an appointment for the meeting. Tahir said, “You just tell my name.” The girl asked his name and started talking on intercom. She was whispering so low that Tahir could not understand anything. After a moment the girl asked Tahir to sit and wait. It was an insult but he bore it because he came there as a common man. He sat in a sofa. He didn`t think for a moment about his status. After about fifteen minutes Aayat arrived with her guards. She signaled her guards to go. She came to Tahir and said, “Let us go.”

Tahir didn`t say anything. They came out of her office. She asked where his car was. He said that it was in parking. She suggested him to leave his car there. Mean while her car stopped near them. She sat on the driving seat and Tahir sat with her. Tahir asked casually where they were going. Aayat answered in a pleasant way, “You didn`t take lunch yesterday. So we are going for it today. If you have to come you would have called me. I`m sorry you have to wait.”

Tahir answered, “You didn`t give me your number, how can I call you.”

She said, “You neither gave me your number nor took my number.”

He said, “I was happy that you permitted me to meet you again.”

Aayat said, “I was not thinking that we shall meet again so early.”

He said, “I remember you said one thing when we met for the first time.”

She asked, “What did I say?”

Tahir said, “You told me that we didn`t meet accidently. It was somebody`s will that we met.”

She said, “Yes, I remember.”

He said, “May be we met again according to His will. What do you think?”

She thought for a while and then said, “That`s good, you told me that. Now, I can make my decision easily.”

He asked, “Which decision?”

She asked, “Are you curious about me?”

He said, “Yes, I am.”

She said, “I was not sure either I should tell you or not.”

He said quickly, “What is your decision now?”

She said in a firm way, “I shall tell you. I shall answer your each and every question.”

Tahir suggested that they should go to a peaceful place where nobody could disturb us.

She said, “We are going there.”

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بے رنگ پیا۔۔۔امجد جاوید۔۔۔قسط نمبر 11

بے رنگ پیا امجد جاوید قسط نمبر 11 شہر سے باہر بنائی گئی جھیل کے …

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