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DEVINE CHROMA .. Abdul Hnnan Ch Epi.4


(Bay Rang Peyya By Amjad Javeed)

Abdul Hnnan Ch


Their journey finished at a farm house. Its residential area was quite lavish and green. Tahir noticed an enhanced security there. Aayat stopped the car in a porch. Some guards moved towards them and greeted them. She greeted them in return and walked towards the lounge. Tahir followed her. He saw Rabia was sitting there with Sarmad. Sarmad was quite healthy now. Rabia stood up to see them. Sarmad ran towards Aayat like that she was his real mother. Tahir couldn`t understand their affection to each other. Sarmad looked at Tahir and shook hand with him. Tahir touched his cheeks with love. Sarmad went to Aayat again. Aayat talked with Rabia for some time. Tahir sat on a sofa and Rabia went out of the lounge. Aayat was lost in Sarmad. She was listening his childish gossip just like that it was very important. Tahir was thinking she had forgotten him. After some time a maid brought soft drinks. Rabia came and sat. She looked at Tahir and said, “He is Tahir Bajwa. He is from your area but now he is living in Lahore. He is a member parliament. We are there till evening. I and Sarmad will take lunch with him. After lunch, Sarmad slept and Rabia took him to his room. They went to a room. There was peace and calmness. Tea was served. Aayat took a sip of tea and said, “My grandfather Fazal Dad had two sons; Saleem Fazal and Fahim Fazal. I was engaged to my cousin Owais. I didn`t remember our engagement, may be in our childhood. I had accepted Owais as my life partner. I liked him like a common girl. He had a good habit that he never interfered in my matters. I wanted to study. My papa Fahim had put a zeal for studies in me. He was a very good father. He wanted me to understand business and to run it in a modern way he wanted me to study business. My grandfather was behind my papa`s wish. I was studying business. Owais was one year senior to me. Till then everything was fine.

Tahir asked quickly, “Did something go wrong then?”

She thought for a moment and said, “Sometimes we think that something bad had happened. But actually it was good for us. Time tells us that it was the beginning of the good. Nature or our fortune demands something else from us. When we go against Allah`s will our wishes and aims are destroyed. Waqar Hussain was my class fellow. You have met his brother in Bhawalpur. He started taking interest in me. I never thought about anybody else so I didn`t realise for the first four months.”

Tahir interrupted her, “What kind of interest it was.”

She was lost in the past memories and said, “There was an attraction when he was watching me. It seemed that he was extracting energy out of me. It seemed that I was in his enclosure. There were many people around me. I had a lot of confidence. But he was near me, I was confused. I felt relief by his presence. What was that? I couldn`t decide about those feelings.”

Tahir asked, “Why could you not decide about his personality?”

Aayat said sadly, “He had a great personality. He was tall, fair and handsome. A good relation was developed between us. He was in our group. We became good friends. His behaviour was good. He had all the qualities that a good young man could have. I was indecisive because I was engaged. He never ill treated me. He steadily just captured my soul.

Tahir asked, “Did you start to love him?”

She said, “Certainly not, I didn`t feel love for him. It is not compulsory that if you like somebody, you are in love with him.”

Tahir smiled and said, “Now stop praising Waqar, just go ahead.”

She said, “I didn`t even realise or I was ignoring the situation. But the girls in our group made it a mountain out of a molehill. Apparently, they were right. They were looking my attachment with Waqar. At that time, I realised that it should not happen. I couldn`t afford a scandal in the university because of Owais and my family. I decided to talk with Waqar. I invited him in a restaurant and after briefing him about my condition asked him about his emotions towards me. He told me that he loved me a lot. Nobody could love me like him.”

Tahir asked, “He told you that he loved you. You didn`t tell him about your engagement and that you could not afford any scandal.”

Aayat said, “I told him everything in detail. He told me that he would never tell anybody about his emotions. He excused me if he had created any problem for me in the past. He said that I might deny any relation with me. I should speak truth”

Tahir asked, “He didn`t say like that he loved you a lot. He could not live without you. I would die without you.”

Aayat said, “No, he said that he loved me but I didn`t love him. Love could not be donated or snatched. That was my first meeting with him in solitude. I was impressed by his truthfulness, confidence and courage. It was clear that he will not be a problem for me.”

Tahir said, “He told you about his love and you were impressed.”

Aayat said, “We met in the university daily just like good class fellows. His attitude was changed. Now my friends were thinking why was he doing like that and his respect was increased in my heart.”

Tahir said, “So he impressed you in one or another way. He knew how to trap a girl.”

Aayat said, “Don`t think negative or even positive. Just listen what I am saying.”

Tahir understood and said, “Ok, carry on.”

Aayat continued, “I still didn`t love him. It was another kind of bond. Many times he proved by his behaviour that how much he loved me. That didn`t develop his love in my heart but respect was increased. I loved Owais. He knew that I would marry Owais sooner or later. Waqar understood my emotions towards Owais.”

Tahir said, “Can I ask how you believed that he loved you.”

Aayat explained, “Not on a single occasion but many such incidents happened which proved his love. He didn`t only love me but respected my love. He never said anything bad about Owais. He never tried to impose his love on me. A couple of times, I went to meet Owais with him. He never misbehaved with me. He never tried to create a misunderstanding between us. Sometimes I was feeling pity on him that he was walking on such a way which had no destination. Why was he wasting time? Many girls were ready to involve with him. But he never even looked at another girl.”

“Did you find any answer?” asked Tahir.

She answered in positive. She remained silent for a while and then said, “We were in Naran on recreational tour. We were enjoying a lot. One evening, Waqar was standing on a green hill outside the hostel where we were staying. He was lost in the beautiful natural scenery. He was watching the sunset. I was looking him from the window. I thought that I should talk to him. I left my room and reached near him. He smiled to see me there. I sat near him. Without wasting any time I said everything. He listened me carefully. He said ____.” Aayat stopped for a while as she was gathering courage to repeat his words.

Tahir asked impatiently, “What did he say?”

Aayat took a deep breath and said, “I don`t care either you love me or not. I don`t want anything from you in return of my love. I don`t demand your companionship, your existence or your sympathy. I love you and you can`t stop me from doing this. Loving you or not is not in my control.”

After saying that Aayat didn`t say anything. Tahir was also in a strange condition. After a while he asked in a confused manner, “If he didn`t want a relationship with you, why was he loving you? What was proof that his love was unselfish, sincere and altruist?”

She said, “I asked him the same thing, what is the proof?”

He told me that he was going to marry according to his family`s will. After the first year of study, he will marry.”

Tahir asked, “He married. A boy was born. Where is proof of love in it?”

It seemed that Aayat was not listening him. She had reached to another world. She kept on saying, “If it happened like that it was perfect. Our second year in the university was going to end. Everything was fine. Owais had completed his studies and joined Dadu`s business. My family had already started arrangements of our marriage. I and Owais were planning for the days to come. I wanted to go Switzerland for honeymoon but Owais wanted to go Dubai. He wanted to enjoy his honeymoon as well as see the chances of business there. I wanted to do all my shopping by myself after exams. Baba had given me a lot of money for that purpose. I was waiting for exams to finish. Suddenly, Owais disappeared.”

Tahir asked, “What did happen to him?”

Aayat said, “We were thinking that he disappeared but actually he hid himself due to fear. We couldn`t find him till evening, we started to find him. Like others Waqar was also trying to find him. Whole night spent. All of my friends and class fellows came back home hopeless. But Waqar didn`t come. When I went university next morning, Waqar was there. His eyes were red and his face was full of fear. I was worried to see him in that condition. He told me the truth that changed my life.” She stopped talking. She was very sad to remember that.

Tahir asked, “Did he know where Owais was?”

Aayat continued, “Owais had an affair with his class fellow. He promised her to marry and spent time with her. Now, she was pregnant. Owais refused to marry her. The girl`s brothers were forcing him to marry her. They threatened him to kill if he wouldn`t marry her.”

“Wait a minute, how did Waqar mange to get all that information in one night?” asked Tahir.

“You didn`t see the university gangs?” she said.

Tahir said quickly, “So it was disclosed in university also.”

“one university gang was supporting the girl`s brothers. Waqar had his own sources. Waqar already knew that Owais had an affair with a girl. He didn`t tell me that I would be hurt. I came to know that Owais was hiding and he would not come out till the matter was resolved. That was a testing time for me and my family. My heart was broken. If Owais didn`t love me then what were his promises, his affection and his fondness? I requested Waqar to find him,” she said in detail.

Tahir asked, “Did Waqar find him?”

“No, Owais called at home and told that he was somewhere and would come till evening. I came to know about his call when I reached home. I was willing to tell everything about Owais but could not,” she said helplessly.

Tahir asked, “How did your family know about the real story?”

Aayat said, “When he came back home, he told everything by himself because the girl`s brothers were not ready to spare him. He confessed everything. There was a great turmoil in the house. Before seeking legal remedy, it was decided to find a solution directly. Owais`s papa took that responsibility and contacted them. They gave two options either to marry or die. There was no other option.”

Tahir said anxiously, “It was entire loss for you.”

Her face turned red as she said, “Yes, It was my loss. I loved Owais. He was treacherous but I could bear anybody else in his life. My heart was crying for him. Papa advised me to forget him because his enemies would not accept less than marriage. And it was true. I was sure that papa disliked what Owais had done but I didn`t listen papa. I assured Owais that I was with him. We shall fight and handle the situation.”

“How was the matter solved?” asked Tahir.

“My exams were two or three days away. We talked with some people in the university to solve the problem. These mediators talked with the girl`s brothers. The situation was almost under control. Owais came to university with me. The girl`s brothers were also there. We had just began to talk the girl`s brother tried to catch Owais. We were not sure what they wanted to do. Our friends advised us to flee from the scene. I took Owais to my department. I saw Waqar there. I called him. He ran to me,” she said. She was trying to control her tears which were ready to come out of her eyes.

Tahir asked doubtfully, “Are you sure you met him accidently?”

“Yes, Waqar didn`t know anything about all the development,” she sighed.

Tahir had many doubts and concerns about Waqar. He asked, “How can you say that?”

“He wasn`t in Lahore. He had gone to his village,” she told clearly. Now Tahir was satisfied.

She continued, “I informed him about the situation. He advised us to leave that place. Owais went to parking to bring his car. He was coming towards us when the girl`s brothers and their supporters arrived. Owais was in the car. Waqar ran towards Owais. He became Owais`s shield. The girl`s brothers take out their revolver. They were saying Owais to come out. Waqar stood between them and Owais. They asked Owais to get away. Waqar asked Owais to run away. They got angry and opened fire at Waqar. Owais fled cowardly. Nobody was thinking that can happen. Two bullets hit him; one in his chest and other in belly. I ran towards him. I asked him what he had done. You know what did he say?”

Tahir asked curiously, “What did he say?”

“He said that he had saved his love. I loved you,” she said. The flood of tears had broken all the barriers. She went out quickly.


It was a bright sunny day. Zeeshan Rasool Bukhari was sitting in his room. Same tall young man stood in the end of the queue. Shah Sab recognised him. He smiled. He called that young man and asked him to sit in front of him. Shah Sab asked, “Any service?”

The young man said, “I have come here to know about colourlessness.”

Shah Sab asked, “So, you are serious to know about it.”

The young man`s answer was yes.

“Before knowing about human`s colourlessness we have to know what is a human,” said Shah Sab.

He said, “Yes, it is compulsory.”

Shah Sab said calmly, “Allah has said about humans that He had created the humans on a very good almanac. It means that Allah had given him everything which can evaluate with his thinking. Human colourlessness is his creative evolution.”

He asked, “What is creative evolution? I can`t understand.”

Shah Sab said, “The combination of the creation and life is knows as human. When the body is given soul, the human comes into being. He is not complete till the body and the soul are not in a harmony. If a human`s body and the soul becomes one, then he can be called a complete man. Body is mortal but the soul is immortal. When the mortality and immortality combine in one unit, they both become colourless. To make a human colourless it is compulsory that his body and the soul both turn colourless. Two half circles combine together to make a circle. The real thing is that who leaves his colour his soul becomes colourless.”

He asked, “How the immortality can take birth from mortality. When a baby is born his body is growing. Is his soul growing too? How is it possible?”

Shah Sab said in detail, “There is a unique relation between a mother and a child. Mother`s love is a universal truth. Mother`s love is never compromised. But if we observe the children, sometimes they go against their mother. Sometimes they become rebel. The reason behind it is that the mother`s love is strong and the child`s love is weak. The child`s inner self will travel towards immortality when he will absorb mother`s love and give all his love to his mother. He can give love when he is aware of happiness of the soul. When he becomes aware of the soul`s happiness then we can say mortality has born. Mother`s love was already colourless. When a child grows, a process starts. The love is hidden inside him. This love is known as the peace of soul. There is no need to manifest it. It is manifested automatically. To understand it is another process. I am talking about the soul which is immortal. That is the real soul.”

He asked, “I couldn`t understand what is the real or immortal soul?”

Shah Sab said, “There are two kinds of soul: human soul and animal soul. Animals have soul too. But there is s a lot of difference between the human and animal soul. When a human goes towards brutality he is dominated by animal soul. When he takes the way of good almanac, he joins himself with immortality. We are discussing that real soul.”

He asked, “What is the process of the immortal birth?”

“As I said a human is a combination of the creation and immortality. Realising your immortality and join yourself with it, is the process which leads you to the passion (ishq). This process always follows the passion (ishq). I think that I have to write. The question arises how to write. It takes time to convert thinking into an action. As a child gradually grows, his thinking and priorities change. The zeal to love is developed. He starts thinking. He looks around him. He feels interested in a thing he sees. Aim or the target of life is generated inside him. This is internal evolution process. The body grows itself but internal growth is a different thing. It has to be done by ourselves. Mental evolution starts when it is needed. When we think then we act,” Shah Sab explained the point.

He asked, “Is it a natural process? Is the need essential for immortality?”

Shah Sab said, “No, passion (ishq) is related to the beloved. It has nothing to do with need.”

He asked, “When a human is satisfied?”

“Some humans are satisfied to achieve worldly luxuries, while the others are not. Every human`s perception about the internal peace is different. Emotions are in his nature. They are inside him. He desires internal peace. When he tries to seek peace, he is introduced to his human or animal soul. Every human has different options to obtain peace. Some of them try to find peace in wine and the others by remembering the Almighty,” told Shah Sab.

The young man was confused again, “These are totally opposite ways to seek peace. The peace of mind cannot be found in both.”

Shah Sab explained, “To understand this point we have to know about the real values of peace. Where ever we shall see these values, there will be passion (ishq). The basic fundamentals of the peace are same in all the societies. Only passivity can bring peace. The completion of peace is passion (ishq). We can`t entirely reject the Western philosophy, it is fact. Similarly, we can`t reject Sofism or spiritualism. The question is which philosophy can provide the real internal peace.”

The young man asked quickly, “When a man can get spiritual peace?”

Shah Sab said, “If there is a flower, there must be sweet smell. If a flower doesn`t smell, it has less value. Same philosophy is applied in the case of the internal peace. Allah has given soul to our body. Allah has created those things too which can provide spiritual peace.”

The young man asked again, “The human body grows by itself. Is the spiritual evolution also an automatic process?”

Shah Sab answered, “A human have to evolute his soul by himself. A man allows the society to create spiritualism in him. The society trains him. But the final decision is in his hand. He has to decide either the society will create spirituality or he will do it by his will. He can adopt the society or can totally reject it. The creative internal and apparent evolution should have harmony with each other. If they are not equal then that can`t be named evolution.”

He asked, “How can we keep the internal and apparent evolution equal?”

Shah Sab replied, “It needs power and that power is passion (ishq). Now passion (ishq) has to be colourless. The passion (ishq) can be colourless only when the lover and beloved both leave their individual colours and adopt the colourlessness of passion (ishq). There is a standard and a balance and that is passion (ishq). There are many who likes to read to book but there a few who are passionate about the books. Similarly there are many who love but only few will reach at the standard of passion (ishq).”

He asked, “Is it possible or it is just a philosophy?”

“When the body and soul are born together then a human gets life. If there is heart, it has heartbeat. As the body and soul can be brought together, similarly creation and immortality can be brought together. Where ever there is an imbalance the saints help us to balance. Man and woman combine together to keep their creation. Water is mixed with water for that purpose. Similarly the colourlessness is obtained by keeping both immortality and creation alive,” after saying that Shah Sab lost in another word of thinking.

The young man realised that he had to go. He quietly went out of the room. Shah Sab didn`t even noticed him. He was totally mesmerised.


Aayat was sitting in her lounge on a sofa. There was a laptop, a cup of tea, her cell phone and some files on the table in front of her. She was looking at her laptop screen. She was so busy in her work that she could not notice Dadu`s arrival in the lounge. He saw her working, stopped for a while, sat in a sofa and said, “Why do you bring office work at home?”

She was startled to hear Dadu. She looked at him and said, “I`m thinking to hire few more people. The work is increasing day by day.”

He said, “Why do you work so hard? I feel very sad when I see you working ________”

Aayat interrupted him, “I know what you will say. I feel hurt when I see you working. If your parents were alive, you need not to work. And you will finish at my marriage.”

He said, “No, I was saying that you didn`t even bother to see the weather outside. It is holiday today and no work at holidays. You may take some rest.”

She said, “You changed the topic.”

She laughed. Dadu laughed too when he saw her laughing.

“Ok, get up now and bring a cup of tea for me. You took tea alone and that`s not fair,” Dadu pointed out her cup.

Aayat said cheerfully, “I myself shall make tea for you.”

Dadu said, “That`s like a good girl and what about that work?”

She smiled and promised not to bring office work at home again.

Dadu said, “Wind it up now. The weather is fine, go out and enjoy yourself.”

Dadu went out and she looked at the laptop screen and tried to quickly sum up her work. In the mean while, her cell phone rang. It was Tahir. She picked up the phone. Tahir asked where she was. She informed that she was at home. Tahir said, “It means that you are free. You didn`t notice the fine weather. Let us go out and have a chit chat.”

Aayat told him that she was busy till noon but she was free after noon.

Tahir said, “Oh! You are busy. Whenever you will be free, call me.” Tahir didn`t try to insist. Aayat liked that and smiled. Aayat knew what Tahir wanted. He wanted to listen the incomplete story. Aayat couldn`t talk any more that day. She remained quite while they were coming back. Tahir didn`t ask any question too. She knew that Tahir had many questions to ask. She could have asked him to come at her home or she could have gone out with him but she wanted to spend some time with Dadu. She always spend half day with Dadu and after that she visited Sarmad. She took lunch with Dadu. He went to his bedroom to take some rest. Aayat talked with her servants and went to porch. She sat in her car and called Tahir, “Where are you?”

Tahir told that he was waiting for her call. Aayat said, “I am going to the farm house to see Sarmad. Can you come there or may I pick you.”

Tahir said quickly, “I shall be there.”

She was sitting in the lounge with Sarmad. He was telling her about his new toy. Aayat was listening him carefully. Rabia said, “I know you care Sarmad more than me but I have to say something about him.”

She paid attention towards her and asked her to say whatever she wanted. Rabia said, “Sarmad is almost five years old now. We have to send him school.”

Aayat asked if the tutor was not coming home to teach him. Rabia replied, “He is coming but school is also important.”

She said, “He had no need to go school. I am planning to make a school for him. I shall educate him there.”

Rabia said surprisingly, “He will get education in the school either it`s your school or anybody else`s. Or he will get special education.”

Aayat said, “Yes, he will get special education. There will be many other children with him in the school. They will also study the same curriculum. You need not to worry. The plan is ready. I had settled everything with a girl Ambreen. You just mentally prepare yourself to go there.”

In the mean while a maid informed about Tahir`s arrival. Aayat asked her to bring him in the lounge. After a few moments, Tahir came to the lounge. Rabia went out to make tea. Sarmad followed his mother.

Aayat asked why he had not contacted her. Tahir told that he hadn`t contacted anybody. He was much involved in her story. Aayat interrupted him, “That is not a story, it is my past.”

He said seriously, “I am really impressed by Waqar. He loved you so much. I can`t believe it.”

She said, “It was fact. I couldn`t even understand that for a long period of time. Then I realised that was not love it was passion (ishq).”

Tahir asked innocently, “Is there an identification of passion (ishq).”

Aayat smiled and said, “Yes, passion has its identification. But only passion (ishq) can introduce you with passion (ishq). They can`t even smell passion (ishq) who have never been involved in passion (ishq). You will not understand this. You just think about your politics.”

Tahir ignored that sarcasm, “I can`t understand your devotion with Sarmad. You are taking very good care of him because Waqar loved you and he sacrificed his life for you. Are you trying to compensate?”

“No, certainly not, you can`t understand,” she said in a confident way.

“If you say I can`t understand, I accept it otherwise it`s not a rocket science that I can`t understand it. Anyway, when and how did you contact Sarmad after Waqar?” Tahir asked.

“I contacted him after three years. After Waqar`s demise the life became too hard for me,” Aayat said. The maid entered the room and said that she had served tea in Aayat`s room. They went to Aayat`s room.

Tahir asked, “How did your life after Waqar become hard?”

“Owais alleged me that I loved Waqar. Waqar gave his life because I had relations with him,” Aayat said.

Tahir asked, “Was it a misunderstanding?”

“No, it was not a misunderstanding. He wanted break up. To break the engagement he alleged me of intimacy,” Aayat said.

He said, “But you were in love with each other.”

She said sadly, “I loved him, he didn`t. His love was exposed when he absconded because of that girl. Even then I forgave him. He thought my forgiveness as my weakness.”

Tahir said, “He might be afraid of the girl`s brothers. He was forced to marry that girl. Her brothers had already killed Waqar.”

Aayat told, “That was his game to get rid of me. That way the family would not blame him and because of fear family might allow him to marry that girl. But, what happened was completely opposite to his plan.

Tahir guessed, “It means that the girl and his brothers plotted a conspiracy.”

Aayat said, “Yes, but I couldn`t bear Owais`s allegation on my character. I was trying to forget Waqar`s death and Owais killed me too. If he wanted to marry that girl, I would have allowed him without hesitation.” Aayat was not able to talk. It took some time to control herself. She continued, “Rift had begun in our family. In six months after our the break up, Fahim uncle demanded to divide the property. Dadu without any resistance accepted his demand and that door was closed for ever. Owais married that girl Maliha.”

Tahir tried to reach the conclusion, “So, Owais was treacherous.”

Aayat said calmly, “No, he was not because he was never sincere with me. He didn`t love me. I shall not blame him. If somebody doesn`t love you, you can`t make him to love forcefully. You can`t snatch love.”

Tahir asked, “Were you not aware of it?”

Aayat replied, “No, I had never thought like that.” Aayat stopped for a while and then said with a great sorrow and grief, “Then, an incident happened that ruined my life. Papa, Mama and Dadi died in a traffic accident. I was left alone in that world. I cut off myself from the whole world. I was thinking why it happened with me. I wanted to die. I was thinking to suicide. I was not aware that who is looking after my papa`s business. How much hard work was Dadu was doing. I used to sleep many hours and sometimes I couldn`t sleep for many days. There was an unknown fear.

Tahir asked surprisingly, “You are a mature girl. Why could you not handle the situation?”

“I had never faced problems in my life. I didn`t even know what is sorrow, grief and sadness. I was not aware to cop that situation,” Aayat said as she was still feeling that grief.

“How did you get out of that phase?”

She told, “I had a friend Ambreen. She knew my situation. She came to me regularly. Sometimes I visited her too. I was behaving just like a mad. I couldn`t understand how did it happen? I didn`t come out of that phase by myself. Somebody told me about a Shah Sab. I went to him with Ambreen. I attended his lecture and met him for a few minutes. After that I started to go there regularly.

Tahir asked, “Which Shah Sab, can I meet him?”

Aayat told that his name was Syed Zeeshan Rasool Bukhari and he could meet him.

Tahir said, “He brought you out of that phase. Did he instruct you about Sarmad?”

“He talks about common man which enables us to think. I don`t think he knows about me and Sarmad. I tried myself to find Sarmad and Rabia. When I found them they were in a miserable condition. I don`t know what Waqar`s brothers told you but I know they are very cruel. After Waqar`s death they drove Rabia and Sarmad out of their home. She started to live with her parents. But they were very poor. They were hardly affording her bread and butter. They pressurised Rabia to marry a person whose wife had died and he had children too. In the mean while Sarmad fell ill. Rabia was in great trouble. She took him to the government hospital for treatment. Nobody cared about Sarmad in that hospital. I used my sources to find out Rabia. I came to know about their condition. I contacted Rabia and immediately reached Bhawalpur,” Aayat said.

Tahir said, “And like that we met in Bhawalpur.”

“Yes, I had no money. I did whatever I could do. After coming back I realised that Sarmad had become the most important person in my life. I donated myself for him. I started my own business with Dadu. After three months I brought Sarmad here. My business and peace of mind is just because of Sarmad,” she said with a lot of confidence.

“How can you say that it is not compensation for Waqar`s sacrifice?” Tahir asked.

“No, it is not possible to compensate Waqar`s sacrifice. You will not understand it now. Leave it on time. Time will give you answer of that question,” Aayat smiled.

Tahir said, “Ok, I have left it on time. So, it is your story.”

Aayat said, “We have to leave now. I had a meeting too in the evening.”

Tahir stood up and said, “Till now I am coming to meet you. Will you not come to meet me?”

Aayat laughed, “You have never invited me. Even in Bahawalpur, you didn`t take me your home.” Tahir laughed out loudly.


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