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DEVINE CHROMA 05۔. Abdul Hnnan Ch


Syed Rasool Shah Bukhari was in his room. All the visitors had gone. I was noon. Normally he stooped meeting people till that time. But that day he was still sitting. He was looking at the door as he was waiting for somebody. His servant entered the room. Shah Sab asked, “Is anybody out there?”

“There was a young man wanted to come in. Mean while an M.P.A. came to meet you. That young man stopped and he allowed the M.P.A. to go. The M.P.A. had not taken time to meet you and it`s time to take rest,” the servant said.

Shah Sab said seriously, “Let him come in.”

After one minute Tahir Bajwa came in. After greetings he sat down in front of Shah Sab on a sofa. Shah Sab looked at Tahir and asked, “Are you M.P.A.?”

Tahir said yes in a very low voice.

Shah Sab asked, “Any service.”

Tahir said, “No, I wanted to hear you but when I reached there I was told that your lecture is over now.”

“If you want to listen me then sit,” he pressed the bell button to call his servant and said, “Let that young man come in.”

The young man came in. He met Shah Sab with great respect. He sat down on a sofa when Shah Sab signaled him to do so.

Shah Sab asked, “Do you have any new question in your mind?”

He said, “When immortality will come in to being after the realisation, is that a point when a human moves forward. What kind of a force emerged after immortality?”

Shah Sab listened him carefully and said, “The force of his freedom of choice will be emerged. If that force drives him towards the materialistic development, he will follow it. If that force drives him towards the spiritualism, he will follow it. The qualities which he possesses will decide his direction. In the simple words, a man realises that he is a creative person but he is not using them. This realisation will produce a force in side him to use his creativity. If he accepts that force`s drive, now he will choose the creative activity. It can be poetry, prose, painting or sculpture.”

He asked, “How and where does that journey begin?”

Shah Sab answered, “There is only one way of that journey from apparent to inner self. The universe is also moving from the beginning to the end.”

He asked, “When a man adopt that process what will happen?”

Shah Sab said, “The human is the base of the universe. If he is not capable, he can`t adjust with the universe. If the human is capable then he will become the centre of the universe. As he become compatible with the universe, the secrets will begin to open.”

“But a man has no information, how will a child acquire knowledge?” The young man was confused.

“Every child is born on nature. He is peaceful by birth. He is on good almanac. He has knowledge and qualities. We should find that treasure inside him but instead of that we try to force knowledge inside him. Then the child, who was on a good almanac becomes just like us. That child has natural qualities. We should provide him the atmosphere to groom his qualities,” Shah Sab said.

“Does a child possess so many information or knowledge?” he asked.

Shah Sab explained, “We can write on a blank paper. If the paper is full of writing how can we write on it. If we still try to write on it, it will be over writing. The child is colourless by birth. Our training and forced education put stains on his soul and he becomes coloured like us.”

The young man asked, “If there is love in a child`s nature, there is hatred too.”

Shah Sab said, “This is a great misconception. The social imbalance affects his mind. Nature has given him only positive. The society produces negativity. We can take the example of Mahatma Buddh (Buddha). When we encircle a child in love he will come out with love only. The darkness comes from the world. A child has no hatred by nature. His inner self is pure. The destruction comes from outside. When we enhance the powers given by Allah in him, you can`t even imagine how immense it will be. The child will learn to speak whatever we talk. He will not be aware of a crime if the crime will not be committed in front of him. Everything will be changed but the love inside him cannot be changed. The passion (ishq) is grown in side him is colourless. The love inside him is restless to come out because it is colourless. The hatred appears because of cultural imbalance.”

The young man asked if the standard was the child or his colourlessness.

Shah Sab answered politely, “The human has to adopt the nature of that child. The success of a man is that he dies as he was born. The real supper man is that who doesn`t allow the worldly colour to stain him. That is the standard that can keep the balance. The qualities of that child are immortal.”

He asked, “What will happen when a human achieves the standard of a child`s nature? How can he deal with worldly matters?”

“A human can stand forth with the universe when he becomes compatible with his personality. That is the time when the universe explores itself in front of him,” Shah Sab explained.

The young man asked again, “If his soul is contaminated then what will be the result?”

Shah Sab answered, “Soul cannot be contaminated. If it is contaminated then it`s not a soul. The person who keeps the positive in front of him will find mortality and immortality. Whose priority is negative he can`t achieve the positive. He will be ruined. We shall talk about it another sitting. Just remember that the peaceful nature of a child is colourless. That is our objective.”

The young man asked permission to leave. He shook hand with Shah Sab and went out of the room. Tahir stood up too and shook hand. Shah Sab said, “Mr. M.P.A., there is a difference between the government avenues and a fakir`s boudoir”. He left Tahir`s hand and he also went out of his room.


Aayat stopped her car in front of a big bungalow. The gate keeper opened the gate quickly. She drove her car to porch. Tahir came out of the door as she stopped the car. He moved quickly, opened the driving seat door and said charmingly, “Welcome and thank you very much for coming.”

Aayat came out of the car and said in a pleasant way, “Wow, an M.P.A. is giving me protocol.”

Tahir shut the door and asked her to come in. He said, “The protocol is given to important people and you are very important to me.”

Aayat asked, “When do I become important for you?”

“You are important to me from the very first day when we met,” Tahir said.

Aayat wanted to say something but she stopped herself. The lounge was well decorated. There were old swords, guns, deer`s head, framed pictures of the forefathers and antiques. All these things were representing his feudal back ground. Aayat sat down on a sofa.

Tahir asked how his home was. Aayat told him that she was feeling one thing missing. Tahir asked what it was. Aayat said, “Leather of a human, human sighs and award for human insult.”

Tahir felt the bitterness. He said, “You are right. But I want to say something.”

Aayat asked him to go ahead.

He said, “You are pointing out the cruelty of the feudal system. I am not going to deny or advocate it. I want to ask you if the people have no sense. Why do they bear that cruelty?”

Aayat said, “You are right. The people hate cruelty but they can`t express their hatred. They are actually afraid. And the feudal lords take undue advantage of that fear. That is along argument. Leave it for another time. Tell me, how is going on?”

Tahir answered briefly, “The same enjoyment.”

Aayat asked, “There is silence at your home.”

Tahir answered pleasantly, “I have to live like that. When I shall marry my wife will live in my native house. That`s why I say it dera instead of home.” A silence prevailed between them for some time. Aayat broke that silence and asked about his university friends. Tahir said casually, “Sajjid is so called lawyer in Bhawalpur. Actually he has his own business. He is involved in the politics also. He is in Baba`s group. We are going to launch him in local politics. Munib`s father is a journalist here in a newspaper. He is working with his father. He came to me few days ago. He was talking about an Information Officer`s job.”

Aayat said, “That good.”

Tahir asked, “You never asked me about the bet that made us to meet for the first time.”

Aayat answered carelessly, “I think it was not important. That was between you and your friends.”

Tahir told, “Sajjid and Munib were sincere to me. They were forced to ask me.”

Aayat asked, “What did they want to know?”

Tahir answered in detail, “Jaweria is daughter of Baba`s friend. She is very bold and beautiful. She was interested in me. She asked Sajjid and Munib to find out what I felt about her. Oh! I forget about lunch.”

The table was full of different dishes. Aayat didn`t say a single word during lunch. Tahir had showed his hospitality and sincerity. During lunch he talked about his university life. He said, “Aayat! I had an offer for you.”

She asked in a casual way, “What kind of an offer?”

Tahir said, “I want to be a part of your business. I can invest any amount you want.”

She refused at once. Tahir asked the reason. She told that she didn`t like partnership. Aayat said, “Partnership should be on the equality base but practically it is not possible. I don`t want anybody to interfere in my decisions. I want to keep the right to take my decision and you should also do like that.”

Tahir said, “I can`t understand.”

Aayat said, “You can start your own business, I shall help you.”

He said in a low voice, “I can`t do that.”

Aayat asked, “Why”

Tahir suggested to leave that topic. He again started to talk about university. But now there was no charm in his tone. Aayat realised that Tahir was hurt because she refused to make him her business partner but she didn`t talk about that topic. After a long sitting, she left. Tahir was disturbed and sad.


It was evening. The sky was covered with white clouds. The sun had not set but it was dark due to clouds. Tahir`s bungalow`s gate opened and a small white car entered. He was sitting in the lawn. The car stopped in the porch and Munib came out of it. He was looking quite sober. He saw Tahir sitting in the lawn and started moving towards him. Munib said, “Good to see you at home.” Tahir stood up and hugged him. Munib sat in a chair. Tahir said, “When I`m tired of hustle and bustle of the life, I spend my time at home.”

Munib asked, “Why do you call me today to be disturbed?”

“No, I am disturb, I want to talk with you,” said Tahir.

Munib said, “You can talk to anybody then why do you call me?”

Tahir answered, “I want to talk about somebody you know.”

Munib inquired, “About whom?”

“You remember that girl we met in university. We bet __________,” said Tahir.

“You are talking about Aayat un Nisa. We thought negative about her. I still feel ashamed when I think about that,” said Munib.

“I want to talk the same thing with you. After our first interaction whenever I met her I came to know a new thing about her. Everybody has a story. It can be good or bad. When I saw Aayat for the first time she was not in a good condition. She was cut off from the world and even herself. But now she is a successful business woman,” said Tahir.

“Yes, she is. I want to meet her,” Munib said.

“It is not important for her if you meet her or not. She is wealthy but it is not important for her. I can`t understand her. She is over and above wealth, popularity and respect. Nothing is important for her. That`s why she has become the centre of my thinking,” said Tahir.

“Does she become unworldly?” asked Munib in a lighter way.

“She is more than an unworldly, saint or fakir,” Tahir told.

Munib asked seriously, “I couldn`t understand.”

“I asked her what passion (ishq) is. She told me that ishq had no definition. Only passion (ishq) can understand the passion (ishq). The person who is not passionate he cannot even smell it,” Tahir repeated Aayat`s wording.

Munib asked quickly, “Why are you disturbed? She has her own life. She can think or do anything she wants.”

“I believe in the presence of passion (ishq) then why can I not understand what is passion (ishq)?” Tahir asked.

Munib asked, “How do you believe in passion (ishq)?”

“I believe in passion (ishq) after meeting Aayat,” Tahir was serious. He was in a trance. He was behaving just a drunk who was saying without listening or understanding others. Munib said helplessly, “I can understand this only a passionate person (aashiq) may understand what is passion (ishq)?”

“Yes, you are right,” said Tahir.

Munib tried to make him understand, “Don`t involve in these things. Passion (ishq) is always destructive. Your father is planning to make you a minister. Focus on it. Become a minister.”

Tahir said, “The world is so peaceful. I become a minister or not, our status will not change.”

“Is there peace in the world? Where is it? There is noise and movement. Peace is found in silence and there is no place in the world where we can find peace,” said Munib.

Tahir said, “There is peace. My hearts says there is no end of anything in this world. There is peace, never ending peace.”

Munib was fed up, “If I knew that you would talk like that I would have not come. It is evening and you are drunk.”

“I`m not drunk, I have quit drinking. I am thinking to quit cigarette too because Aayat does not like smoking,” Tahir declared.

Munib said, “It means I have to leave. I was thinking we shall drink together and you didn`t even ask me for tea.”

Tahir said, “There are a lot of Allah`s blessings on the table eat them. Tea will also be served.”

Munib took an apple. Meanwhile the servant brought tea. Tahir asked Munib to take tea and he could go after it. They talked about the current political situation while they were taking tea.


Aayat was sitting in lounge after getting ready. It was a bright sunny day. She was sitting in a sofa and studying a file. There was a calmness and peace on her face. The driver was waiting her in the porch but she was waiting for somebody else. Meanwhile a car entered through the gate. It was Ambreen. She entered the lounge. She said, “Sorry, I am late. I was stuck in traffic.” They hugged each other. Aayat said, “It`s ok. Will you take something to eat?”

Ambreen replied, “I have taken a heavy breakfast.”

“Ok, let`s take tea,” Aayat said.

She asked her maid to bring tea and handed over a file to Ambreen and said, “There are all the details about the school in this file. I hope you will handle it properly.”

Ambreen asked, “Why do you believe that I can do it?”

“Because you know the cause for which I am building this school. I am thankful to Allah that I met you. You are the most suitable person to do it,” Aayat replied.

“I`m tired of sitting at home. What is the use of studies if I have to sit at home? I don`t feel comfortable to work in a office, otherwise I would have come straight to you. After marriage my husband has gone Kuwait and I am alone there. Good to see you. It seems that time has stopped for you. You look fresh. I was used to think about you that you would be wearing a black dress and had colourful beads in your neck,” she said and laughed out loudly.

Aayat asked, “Why were you thinking about me like that?”

“When we met for the last time in university, I was really depressed to see you,” said Ambreen.

“But we were in contact on phone, you didn`t feel freshness in my voice,” asked Aayat.

“I am surprised to see. I am happy that you are moving with time. I have understood your project. What you are doing for Sarmad nobody can do it,” she became very sad while saying that.

Aayat intentionally ignored her last sentence and said, “In fact, there will be less number of students in the beginning. But our aim is not to earn money. We shall provide opportunity to study to the class which cannot go to school for one or more reasons. Study that file carefully and visit school also. If you want to meet Sarmad, he is staying in my farm house.”

Ambreen opened the file and said, “I shall go there.”

Maid brought tea. They talked about their project during taking tea. Aayat said after taking tea, “I have to leave now,”

Ambreen also got up to go. They came to porch together and drove their cars out of the bungalow. When Aayat reached office, Tahir called her on her cell. She saw the phone screen blinking Tahir`s name and picked the call. Tahir told her that he wanted to meet her. Aayat asked, “Anything important?”

He said, “It can be or can`t be important.”

She said, “I`m really busy right now. If there is something urgent then you can come, otherwise we can meet another time.”

Tahir confirmed that he was coming and would have lunch with her. Aayat said ok to him and disconnected the call. After two hours he was sitting in Aayat`s office. He saw that Aayat was very busy. After sometime she completed her work, came to him and sat with him in a sofa. She asked, “What is the matter?”

Tahir asked, “May I know the reason why I can`t be your business partner?”

She remained silent for a while and then said, “My business is so strong that it can be run from home. We are in that business for many years. Earlier it was said that money is like blood for the business but now we are in the position that we can carry on our business on credit. But this business is not just business for me this is my aim, mission and purpose of life. I cannot share my mission, aim and purpose with anybody else. Now it will be ridiculous if you ask me why the business is my aim.”

Tahir insisted, “If I share your aim, mission and purpose too, then can I be your partner?”

She said, “You can`t. You can`t think about my Dadu as I think. I can`t respect your Baba as you do. The aim is a far ahead thing. Don`t take it seriously. I can help you to establish your own business in the same building.”

He said, “I can start my business. It`s not a new thing for me. We have our business in Bhawalpur.”

She asked, “Why do you want to be my partner?”

He answered, “Just for a relation between us.”

Aayat said, “We have a strong bond between us. It doesn`t need any crutch. I`m grateful to you, you supported me when there was no hope from any side.”

Tahir said, “I can say the same for you because you saved me from insult.”

Aayat said charmingly, “I think you are under some kind of depression or stress. Try to be happy. Try to understand the life and enjoy your life.”

He said, “If I don`t understand life even then I have to spend it.”

“It`s not matter of ego. That word “I” is a wonderful word but at the same time it can ruin you. It is just like a gigantic force. If you overcome it, it can do miracles for you. If that overcomes you it will destroy everything,” she said.

“I know what you want to say. But we need power to overcome a force,” he said.

Aayat said, “I agree with you.”

Aayat looked at him. He was thinking something. He saw towards Aayat and said, “Why are you proud of your wealth, business and capabilities that you don`t like partnership?”

He looked at Aayat. She was smiling. She knew that she had hurt his ego. But she asked for his satisfaction only, “What do you mean?”

Tahir said, “I could have said that at the time when you came my home but I didn`t say anything. Because it wasn`t suitable for me to hurt you at my home.” Aayat interrupted him, “I can answer you in the same manner by saying that I had earned wealth on my own behalf. Who are you? Whatever you have is inherited from your father. You are proud of your wealth but it`s not your. You are proud of your status; it is also given to you by your ancestors. What capability have you shown till now? What is your talent; to take interest in girls?”

Tahir said, “I`m heir of my father. Whatever he has all is mine. How can I earn my own money?”

Aayat insisted, “If you have money that you earn by yourself then you can be my partner.”

He said, “You are not trying to understand my point.”

She said firmly, “I`m not a greedy person. I don`t want to be a business tycoon. I belong to a wealthy family. I could have spent my life easily without that business too. After Waqar died and I met Sarmad I had nothing. You know how did I manage Sarmad`s treatment. But I have to provide Sarmad whatever he needed and I couldn`t leave Rabia in that miserable condition. I needed money and I earned it.”

Tahir asked quickly, “What about your Dadu`s and papa`s business? How can you say, you earned it?”

She answered, “You believe or not I didn`t take a single penny from my parental wealth. Dadu had not given me anything till then. I had a business family background that helped me. When I made my worth in the market then Dadu gave me my heirship. I don`t spent that money on Sarmad.” She was very emotional.

Tahir was confused. He asked, “How did you earn so much in such a short span of time?”

She replied seriously, “You can`t understand. You have not the angle of vision which can make you understand the power of passion (ishq). I have passion (ishq) and I`m going through it. The last form of the force is passion (ishq). I have used it.”

Tahir said surprisingly, “Who is that? Whom do you love? Who is your passion (ishq)?”

She said calmly, “I am passionate about Waqar Hussian. He told me what passion (ishq) is. And I have made Sarmad my passion.”

Tahir asked, “I think you told me that you didn`t exchange these three magic words with each other.”

Aayat smiled and said, “Passion (ishq) doesn`t need words. It requires action. Now I know that the passionate (aashiq) never insult anybody and they never rediculate themselves. This is the peak of passion (ishq).”

Tahir asked, “Now you are in love with Sarmad. How can it be possible?”

“I can see Waqar in Sarmad. Waqar was passionate about me but now I am passionate about him. I and Waqar are standing on a point called the point of passion (ishq). Sarmad has made us stand on that point. You can be a passionate (aashiq) when you realise yourself. The base of passion (ishq) is humanity,” Aayat smiled and said.

Tahir said, “I have come here to say you something else but ______________.”

“I know you didn`t understand anything. If you want to understand it, bring yourself of the level of humanity. Learn how to love the other human beings. The person like you who consider their survival is in sucking blood of the poor,” she said bitterly.

Tahir didn`t argue anymore. His expressions were telling that he was in agony. After some time he asked, “If you have time, can we go out for lunch?”

Aayat`s answer was yes. She called her assistant and gave some instruction.


Shah Sab had no lecture that day. On that Shah Sab called the persons who wanted to ask him something. He was provided by the questions earlier. Shah Sab didn`t come to his room yet. That young man was sitting in the room. There was an elderly person in the room too. Meanwhile Tahir Bajwa came too. He had taken the prior appointment that time. Shah Sab came in the room, shook hands with them and sat in a sofa. After some pleasantries he asked the elderly person what his question was. The elderly man asked, “We usually hear I know that I don`t know anything. What does it mean? What is the philosophy behind it?”

Shah Sab answered, “This is Socrates`s saying. By saying that, he was trying to determine the status of the knowledge. According to Socrates knowledge is not static. It is the name of a continuous quest. The fact and truth change with the passage of time. The man considered the thing truth in the past but it is not true in the present. The human considered many things impossible in the past but they are possible now. That saying is a try to save the human race from fixation of things and matters. He wanted the humans to prepare themselves to coop with the truth which were against their strong believes. Greece is the place where faith, doctrine, intuitive perception, universe and all the explanation about the human beings were started to be judged on the standard of wisdom. Socrates is one of the most important persons who tries to open the locks of life`s secrets with the key of wisdom. That was Socrates who said that it was useless to live without analysing the different phases of life. The life isn`t static, it is variable and continuously moving. It is multi dimensional and complicated. We have to understand it. And this is a continuous effort. The human beings learn to act after a series of experiments. The static explanation of life kept the human race in the stone age for thousands of years. The man came out of their caves and chambers and learnt the materialistic facts on the basis of wisdom because of Socrates`s Doctrine. He increased his control over the universe by power of knowledge and wisdom. The secret behind the development of the Europe is thought to be the understanding Socrates`s Doctrine. The man started to trust himself and tried to find out the new things and places by accepting that we don`t know anything. The man started to move towards self reliance and got rid of the insult and humiliation of depending on others.”

The man asked, “The materialistic approach developed due to that continuous search. Does the man found himself during that continuous search?”

Shah Sab said, “If we analyse that saying in the other sense, it shows that the base of knowledge is ignorance. Can ignorance be the base of knowledge? It is impossible. Now the question arise, if I don`t know anything then how shall I acquire knowledge? Yes and no will emerge at that point.”

The young man interfered, “Shah Sab! You said that the person who would keep the positive as his goal could conquer the life and death, construction and destruction. The person whose goal was negative he would lose his way.”

Shah Sab said, “The human himself is the biggest and strongest argument or evidence on his existence. It is compulsory for him to realise himself. The Sun is shining. Everybody can see it. Everybody knows about it. So, the light is compulsory for it. A human should accept himself first. He should know what he is. Otherwise there is no everywhere. How can we know ourselves? There must be a standard to know ourselves. When a man accepts himself and try to find himself, he will know that standard. That standard is Holy Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). His companions` act of swearing his elegance was their affirmation. According to that criteria when a follower swears his spiritual mentor`s elegance he gets affirmation.”

The elderly person ask, “According to my poor wisdom, the human knowledge has developed and the sources of the knowledge have also developed. Until the man will not know himself, he can`t reach the real source of knowledge. Now, we have to find out what is the real base of knowledge?”

Shah Sab said, “First of all the man should find if he is on a right almanac. Does he match the standard? The real thing is his purity. Then he can find his base. Who is conquering the universe? And who is a human? The matter and soul are his two angles. He has to keep them equal. The knowledge is related to his inner self. It is not apparent. The senses are related to the apparent they have a shape and figure. That purity is his base. Every human has his own personality. He has unique qualities. If there is a quality then there will be action. If there is no quality then there will be no action. The real base of knowledge is man. He has all the qualities. This is real almanac. Only a man can find himself.”

The silence prevailed for some time. It was meant that anybody else had to put a question. Then Tahir asked, “There is confusion. It is said that only the passion (ishq) can understand passion (ishq). How is it possible?”

Shah Sab smiled and said, “When a man comes on a track and immediately wants to know all about it, he can`t understand it completely. His knowledge remains impractical before the experiment. He has to act upon it to understand a theory. He can judge the apparent by his senses. But the thing which is hidden inside, how can he understand it? We can tell the taste of something if we have tasted it. Passion (ishq) is the same case. It is related to our inner self.”

Tahir asked, “Is it possible to attain it? Can a person claim that he is perfect in passion (ishq)? Is there any perfection of passion (ishq)?”

“If anyone wants to attain passion (ishq) and wishes to be perfect in it, he has to judge himself first. He has to find out his standing between the knowledge and action. If a thing is not pure we can`t say it perfect. Impurity can`t match with the perfect emotion of love. This is why over 90% of love marriages are failure. The people who claim that they love each other, actually they don`t understand love and passion (ishq). When a so called lover`s knowledge about love is imperfect, how can he love. He is not truthful in his love. He cannot claim that he is pure. There is a base of love and passion (ishq). When a man stands firmly on that base, he will find accuracy. If that standard is not right, how can he move forward?”

Tahir asked humbly, “My question is still there. Please, explain it.”

“When somebody tries to reach the treasure of passion (ishq), the guard snake of his desire and lust stings him and don`t let him to reach there. Love is the most precious treasure. The inner desire is the main hurdle which prevents him to reach there. The desire has the colour of devil. Till the man will not control his desire, he can`t reach that treasure. He has to solve his basic problems before trying to achieve it,” Shah Sab explained.

“What are the basic problems of a human?” asked the young man.

“First of all, he has to decide what his destination is. He must have health, wealth and transportation to reach there. But the most important thing is his intention. If he has all things mentioned earlier but has no intention then he will never reach his destination. The first condition is purity. If he touches the standard of purity then he starts his journey of love. A relation between the lover and beloved is established. He finds the problems in the way. The problems are there because he doesn`t understand love. The lover should realise what the real love is. Why is he forced to face the problems? What is pure love? What is pure passion (ishq)?”  Shah Sab explained.

“Am I right to understand that the purity will be achieved by overcoming these problems? After that he will be awarded the sense to understand love.” asked Tahir.

“Whose passion is true he is not only lover but beloved too. The lover and beloved lose their identity and passion (ishq) becomes their only identity. Passion (ishq) is colourless. That colourlessness combines the lover and beloved. Now there is no lover and beloved, only passion (ishq) is there. When the lover and beloved will meet on the point of passion (ishq), the will achieve the colourlessness. The reality of passion (ishq) is colourlessness which makes everything visible,” Shah Sab said.

The young man asked, “You said that the passion cannot be perfect until it is colourless. Can passion be colourful too? Has the passion any specific colour?

“When two persons cross the limits of lover and beloved and leave all the colours of these two extremes, they reach the point of passion (ishq). The point of passion (ishq) is colourlessness. This is the soul of humanity. The colourlessness of passion (ishq) makes the lover and beloved colourless. When this standard of passion (ishq) is achieved then everything can be understood,” Shah Sab said and kept quite. When there was no more question, Shah Sab said that it was enough for today.


Aayat returned back home after jogging. She saw Dadu was reading newspaper in the lawn. She went straight to him. She greeted him and sat in a chair in front of him. He said, “You are very busy nowadays. You are working day and night.”

Aayat said, “You know I have started a school. I was busy in it. Now Ambreen has taken charge and I`m free.”

Dadu asked, “I like your love with Sarmad. Can I go to see him? I feel fresh after spending time with children.”

She said happily, “It`s great. I shall be more peaceful.”

“Listen me carefully. It is your off day today. Have you any programme today?” Dadu asked.

“No, I shall be at home today,” answered Aayat.

Dadu informed, “Some people are coming at lunch. They are coming to see you. There will be some woman too.”

“It means I can`t spend my day peacefully,” Aayat said with displeasure.

Dadu said in a decisive manner, “I don`t want to involve in any argument. We have to face the realities of life. You have to marry. It is my duty too.”

“As you wish,” she said sadly and went to her room. Dadu started reading newspaper again.

The guests arrived before noon. Aayat was looking fresh but she hadn`t done any special arrangements for that occasion. They were sitting in the lounge. She came to know that they were five people including three women. She came in the lounge and sat with them. The women looked at her. There was hint of likelihood in their eyes. Aayat shared pleasantries with them. But the women came to the point really soon. They asked about her business. They wanted to know how wealthy she is. Aayat knew how to deal with these greedy people. She didn`t talk much. After lunch they sat back in lounge. One woman told Dadu that they liked Aayat. She invited him to come to their home. Dadu agreed to do so. One of the women asked, “Who will see the business after marriage?”

Dadu answered, “Aayat will see it. She owns all the business.” Her eyes sparkled to hear Dadu. After some time they went back. Dadu went to door to see off them. Aayat went to her room.

Countinu ………..

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