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DEVINE CHROMA Abdul Hnnan Ch Epi.6


(Bay Rang Peyya By Amjad Javeed)

Abdul Hnnan Ch


She was sitting in the lawn just before the sunset. Dadu came and asked if she was thinking about the guests. She smiled because she was not thinking about them. She was thinking about Waqar.

Dadu asked to know her opinion, “How were these people?”

Aayat answered, “The same greedy people who are more interested in my wealth than me. Did you not feel like that?”

“Definitely, I felt it. But it will happen. People see our status before coming to see you,” Dadu said.

Aayat said, “You are right. But can you bear that they give more importance to my wealth than me. Their standard is wealth only. Will they give due respect to me?”

“I know that our community`s standard is just wealth. But if we shall go to another community then it will be even harder to understand them,” Dadu said.

Aayat said, “But Owais ____________.”

Dadu got angry and said, “What Owais had done. He had broken our family. We were a complete family but now we are two only living in this home.” He tried to calm himself down and said, “I have thought about the other aspect too. If you marry a poor guy, what will happen? He will start using your wealth to fulfill his requirements. And it is quite natural. Our society doesn`t accept the woman, her wishes and dreams. The woman has to sacrifice in the end. Why do you not understand?”

“Don`t you worry. I shall do as you say,” she said. She understood Dadu`s constraint. She didn`t want to increase his grieves. But, she was sure that Dadu will not do anything against her will.


Tahir`s routine had changed. Sometimes he stayed at home for many days. He didn`t even come out of his bedroom. Sometimes he went out of home and came at night. The people of his area came to meet him. But his attitude towards them was not appropriate. He met some of them and ignored others. His secretary was dealing all his political matters. He was not aware that his attitude will affect his politics. He knew why it was happening. He was never so careless in his life. There was a kind of discomfort inside him. He couldn`t understand it. This discomfort had born when he met Aayat for the first time and he lost her. A kind of sadness had make home in his heart. That was a new era of his life. It happened in such a manner that he could not understand it. When he met her again, she became centre of his attraction. He was aware of the nature of women. He had no curiosity about the women. But actually it was apparent. He had felt a woman from his inner self. Aayat gave him these feelings. That feeling has taken the shape of discomfort. Aayat had a hidden attraction that couldn`t be understood. He was surrounded by the fence of her attraction. He didn`t want to break that fence. He had drowned in an ocean of feelings. There was a new life for him.

Aayat had become an unsolved puzzle for him because Tahir had not thought about her existence. Whenever he found an answer about her many more questions arose. He was surprised that a person could live for somebody else. Aayat was alive for somebody else, for the person who had no blood relation with her. There was a relation of feeling only. Whenever he thought about that he found himself in another world of thoughts. He was uncomfortable to think that passion (ishq) was such a power that it could make somebody to take unlikely and impossible decisions. And the passionate (aashiq) acted upon those decisions very easily. He was thinking that it was passion (ishq). He was questioning himself if he was passionate about Aayat. Why he was always in search of her. He was continuously thinking about a girl. He wanted her happiness. He wanted to be near her. It was passion (ishq) or not.

It was before noon. Tahir`s car stopped in porch. He entered in the home quickly. He was attending a seminar when he was informed that Baba was calling him. It was rare that he called Tahir like that. Tahir was assuming it was something very important. Lounge was empty that showed that he didn`t come with his army of political workers and servants. Tahir was so called M.P.A. actually Baba was doing the politics. Baba called him in solitude that showed it was something very important. He mentally prepared himself and entered his room after knocking. He was alone in the room. He was lying on the bed. He looked tired. Tahir greeted him and sat in a sofa. After exchanging some pleasantries Baba said, “I went Islam Abad. I have come specially to talk with you.”

Tahir asked obediently, “It must be very important.”

“I was planning to make you a minister. I tried my best but I couldn`t succeed,” He said.

Tahir said calmly, “Then what? It doesn`t make any difference.”

“It never happened that I plan for something and I couldn`t do it. There is something that I couldn`t understand. It was not so difficult,” Baba said like that he had understood the matter.

Tahir said, “Baba! Please don`t take it seriously. We are not in politics to serve people. We are in politics to give protection to our business and land. In the greed of more and more we shall make our enemies.”

Baba said, “You are right but now it`s matter of ego.”

Tahir asked surprisingly, “What kind of ego?”

Baba said, “Ok, leave that topic. I came here to talk with you on another topic.”

He said, “Yes, Baba I`m listening.”

“You know Inam ul Haq`s daughter Jaweria. What do you think about her?” Baba asked.

Tahir said, “She is good girl.”

“Inam ul Haq has been insisting for many days for your marriage with Jaweria,” Baba said in a careful manner.

Tahir asked, “What do you want?”

Baba said, “She is good girl. They have political background. You have to involve in politics in future too. They will be helpful to us. They are big landlords. His in laws has two M.N.A.s and an M.P.A. That marriage will make you more powerful. If we accept that proposal you will be made minister in no time.”

Tahir said, “I know all about her family background. Jaweria wanted to marry me. She is interested in me. It is her old wish.”

Baba said, “So, we shall not take much time.”

Tahir interrupted him, “I don`t want to marry and be a minister.”

Baba looked at him in surprise. He was shocked to hear that. He couldn`t believe how Tahir could disobey him.”

He asked for confirmation, “What are you saying? I can`t understand.”

Tahir`s answer was same. Baba thought for a minute and asked, “Is Jaweria involved in ______?”

Tahir replied, “Jaweria is a good girl. She is bold and modern but it`s ok. Her parents have given her independence but _________.”

“What is matter then?” Baba asked.

Tahir answered sadly, “Is Tahir Bajwa nothing? I have no personality of my own. What will happen if you can`t make me a minister. If I shall not be an M.P.A. my status and personality will be lost.”

Baba said, “Yes, you will lose your status. The people who bow in front of you, they do that because of your status.”

Tahir said obediently, “If somebody else will be in power they will bow in front of him. There is no use of such status when people don`t respect you, they respect your status.”

Baba asked, “I can`t understand what do you want to say?”

Tahir obediently tried to explain his point, “A girl who can dictate her conditions before marriage what she will do after the marriage? Suppose she is sincere with me but my ego doesn`t allow me to bow in front of her for increasing my power. .”

“Why will you bow in front of her? We are _________,” Baba tried to say something very proudly but Tahir interrupted him, “Marriage is the name of relation between two humans not between two statuses. We have to create a bond or play a power game. I am sorry, I can`t do that.”

Baba tried to explain, “My dear son you are young and emotional. You don`t know about that society and its customs. We have to compromise on many things. If there will be no power, the people will throw you on the ground. Tahir stood up from the sofa, sat near Baba`s bed and held his feet. Tahir said, “Baba! I love you. You are my life. If somebody points at you, I shall pull his arm out of his shoulder. I am not disobedient. I don`t want to give people a chance to talk about you and me. I shall not allow anybody to create misunderstanding between us. Try to understand me.”

Baba controlled his anger and said, “Make me understand what you want to say?”

Tahir replied, “I don`t rely on others. I trust on myself. I have energy, power and capability to keep my status. What do you think, I can`t understand the plan to make me minister? The hurdle between ministry and me is Inam ul Haq.”

Baba saw surprised to hear that, “What are you saying?”

“I`m right, I am not interested in ministry just because of that. There are trying to show me their power and blackmail me. They are trying to prove that they had made me M.P.A. and if we would not accept their proposal they could ruin us,” Tahir explained.

Baba sighed and said, “That`s right. If they were not with us you would have not been an M.P.A.”

Tahir said, “Baba! I am your son. It is impossible to pressurise you. It`s my duty to keep your status and respect. Don`t think like that they are so powerful to bow us down.”

Baba said, “You are emotional but the ground realities are different.”

He smiled and said, “Give me guarantee, I shall do everything all alone.”

Baba asked, “What kind of guarantee?”

He said boldly, “You will never think that I am disobedient and you will not be angry with me. I shall change all the ground realities just in three months which are bothering you.”

Baba said kindly, “You are my only son. How can I be angry on you? But I can`t understand what are you saying?”

Tahir said firmly, “I request you to reject Inam ul Haq`s proposal. I don`t want to marry Jaweria.”

He said, “My son, everything will be destroyed. We shall make a new enemy.”

Tahir laughed and said, “Trust me, nothing will happen.”

“As you wish, you have to make your future. I have spent my life,” Baba said seriously.

“You will see a new era beginning in our area,” Tahir said.

“Let us see!” Baba said.

Tahir asked him to take some rest. He told that he had to leave.

Tahir knew that his father would not understand him. He was ignoring Jaweria till now. He had a relation of friendship with her but he was never impressed with her. The reason was not even known by him.

Baba went Bhawalpur. He took many questions in his mind. He came to know by the servants about the change of behaviour in Tahir. But he couldn`t understand what that change was. Why it was happening.


It was afternoon. Everything was looking neat and clean after rain. The sky was looking even more bluish. The birds flying in the sky were increasing its beauty and grace. The trees were looking refreshingly green. The colour on the walls of the houses had become brighter. The flowers and grass in the lawn were creating magic. The road had become cleaner and blacker. Aayat came back of her office and watching all that form her room`s window. She was thinking that nature had made the colourful atmosphere. There is one thing that put life in all that scenery. That was air. Allah had created all these colours. She started thinking about colours. Her thought was diverted towards the colours of life. There are many colours of human relations. Colours can`t only be seen they can be felt also. The ringing phone broke her connection with her thoughts. Her phone was on the side table beside her bed. When she reached there the call had ended. She saw Tahir`s name blinking on the screen before the call ended. She called him back.

“How are you Tahir? She asked.

Tahir answered, “I`m fine. I need your advice.”

“What kind of advice?” she asked.

“These matters can`t be discussed on phone. Can I come your home or you _______?” Tahir tried to say but Aayat said, “Come to my office tomorrow.”

Tahir insisted, “It`s urgent, I have to reach on a decision before evening.”

Aayat said, “Come to the park near my house. The weather is fine and we can talk there freely.”

There were not many people in the park. She parked the car and walked towards the place where she can find Tahir. Tahir was already there. He waved towards her. Aayat sat with him on a wooden bench. Tahir gave her a bottle of mineral water to drink. Aayat asked what the matter was. Why he was so worried. Tahir said casually, “I have to reach on a decision.”

Aayat asked, “What kind of decision?”

Tahir told her about her conversation with his father. Aayat listened him carefully and said, “If you will reject Jaweria`s proposal you will increase your enemies. She might be in love with you. That`s why she is trying to marry you. She is from a well of family. She might have many proposals.”

Tahir said with strong belief, “I know she doesn`t love me. I believe we cannot live a happy life after marriage.”

Aayat asked, “Tell me the real cause of not marrying her.”

He said, “I don`t like her.”

She said, “Your politics is attached with Jaweria. I believe that the relation should be established without greed, expectations and hopes. There base should be love and sincerity.”

He said in a protesting way, “I also think like that. But the blood relations who are bound with us have decided to impose their decision by force.”

“When love and sincerity is not the base of the relation then two lives are ruined,” she said.

Tahir said, “I don`t know what to do now.”

Aayat said, “If it is only ministry that matters, we can try it. Your father and Inam ul Haq will realise that you can obtain political success without their help.”

He said, “Why do I accept your help. If I have to take anybody`s help the Jaweria is better choice. I don`t want to take anybody`s help to flourish my political career.”

She said in low voice, “You are already taking help of your father.”

Tahir felt that like a blast. He was speechless. Aayat was right. He could not deny that fact. He had not earned a single rupee in his life. His needs were always fulfilled before his asking. He said, “You are right. I had not earned anything in my life.”

Aayat realised that she had hurt him. She tried to compensate. She said charmingly, “You are a good son who is not wasting his father`s wealth. That is a positive act.”

He said helplessly, “I know what you want to say. Don`t mold the truth.” He was feeling himself the most unsuccessful person in the world. He remained silent for a long period of time. Aayat felt that and said, “I am sorry. I didn`t want to hurt you.”

He said, “I wanted to discuss you another matter but it is not possible now.”

She said charmingly, “Behave normally now and tell me what do you want to say?”

He saw at her and said, “Will you marry me?”

That question must be shocking to her. She might have behaved that Tahir`s proposal was unexpected. But Aayat was not affected by it. He was waiting for her answer. Aayat smiled and said, “At first, I don`t want to marry. Secondly, you can`t afford marrying me. Suppose, if we were married, our marriage will not last for more than a few months or a year. I will bear all the loss and nothing will happen to you.”

Tahir asked, “How did you reach on that conclusion?”

She asked, “If I ask you the same question on which base you proposed me?”

He said confidently, “Because I love you.”

“You love me,” she smiled while repeating his words.

Tahir said quickly assuming that she was thinking that he was joking, “I am speaking truth. I was a careless person. When I met you, my life was entirely changed. I started thinking about myself what I am. What I am doing. I leant a lot from you. I come to know what life is. I felt you very close to me. So close that I am in love with you.”

Aayat remained silent for a minute or so as she was not expecting that. She looked in his eyes and said, “I`m not denying your love. Things like that impress the girls a lot that somebody loves her, takes care of her. This is a very attractive sensation. But do you know the human love is always with qualities not with weaknesses.”

Tahir said angrily, “You have no respect for love.”

Aayat tried to make him understand, “I respect love because love is the base of passion (ishq). You can be passionate, if you don`t love. Love is involved with the qualities of lover but passion (ishq) is the name of accepting somebody with both qualities and weaknesses.”

He asked, “You want to say that your passion (ishq) is hurdle between us.”

She said seriously, “Exactly, I will listen my passion (ishq). I can`t deny my passion (ishq) and my mundane love.”

Tahir looked at her surprisingly. His thinking was totally wrong about her. She was showing him different colours. He asked, “You aren`t marrying because of your passion (ishq).”

“Do you know on which level of passion (ishq) I am standing? You know what Sarmad means for me?” she said.

He said, “What can I do now? I can`t live without you.”

Aayat said calmly, “You are a good man. Live your own life. Love and passion (ishq) are not of your type. Leave this topic. Say another thing.” Tahir was surprised. There was silence on both sides. They realised that they would not talk any more now. They stood up and left the park.


It was a cloudy day. Shah Sab has just arrived in his room. He looked at the wall clock and he heard the knock. Next moment, the elderly person, the young man and Tahir entered the room. After greetings they sat in the sofas. They exchanged pleasantries. Shah Sab looked at Tahir and asked, “Do you want to say something?”

Tahir gathered courage and said, “You told us when lover and beloved became colourless that was the start of passion (ishq). If we mixed water into water or colourlessness in colourlessness their state would not change, their quantity increased. Similarly, can two passionates (aashiq) meet on one point?”

Shah Sab`s answer was yes. Tahir asked quickly, “How?”

“The unit of passion is passion. Human beings belonging to different colours, races, societies, cultures, point of views, thinking or religions have a common quality that he loves himself. This is natural just like that all living things feel thirst and they drink water. When a human is satisfied that he is safe in the fort of his love or passion (ishq) for himself then he tries to find out the second unit. When he accepts his love for himself and makes his personality positive, he becomes a unit of passion (ishq). Passionate (aashiq) wants to see his beloved in his personality. He wants to see his beloved everywhere. The passion (ishq) with himself creates a power of attraction in him. Similarly the second unit has the attraction too. One positive personality has attraction for another positive personality. A man has to create an attraction; the other unit will automatically come and join with him. As a man will combine with the unit which is exactly like him. So, the unit of passion is human himself. When I shall develop myself I shall combine with the other. This combination is the source of power. This chain crosses the limit of universe,” said Shah Sab.

Tahir asked seriously, “Please, explain the power of passion (ishq).”

Shah Sab smiled and said, “Passion (ishq) is not a literary question only. We have to know about some scientific facts too. We can say in other words that the power to reach the scientific facts is passion (ishq). Passionates discovered the basic facts of science but the scientists couldn`t discovered the passion (ishq). There is a power in matter. It is variable. But the power of the heart is not variable. When the inner power turns itself into action, it multiplies itself and becomes a constant. After achieving the power of passion (ishq) the things can not affect the human. But we have to know the method to use the power of passion (ishq).”

He asked surprisingly, “How does it happen?”

“Unusual incident creates curiosity. When a common man can`t understand a thing, he stops but a scientist tries his best to discover all the facts about it. There is a proof of everything. To understand something logically is called science. To understand the things happening in the universe is action. Such force is needed for that action that never becomes hopeless after being unsuccessful. That force is passion (ishq). Now we come to the point how it happens. The peak of action form of passion is miracle. Then there are marvels of people who are near to Allah. These miracles and marvels make a scientist eager. He tries to find out how it happened. He devotes himself to find it in the matter. The saints describe it as a “point of surprise.” The spiritual journey is started form that point. That journey also needs the power of passion (ishq). You see world in front of you. You can find many discoveries every day. Who is discovering these; it is human,” said Shah Sab.

Tahir understood what Shah Sab had said and asked, “So we can say that there is no passion where there is hopelessness.”

Shah Sab said calmly, “It never happened that a scientist discovered something before becoming a complete passionate (aashiq). A person who is on a journey of passion (ishq) he can expose a new thing. He is standing at the point of humanity regardless of his religion and thinking. He is curing millions of people. The person who has power to invent or discover something can do something new. A person who wants to do something new has a hope inside him. You can say it his aim also. Everything is exposed on the basis of intention.”

Tahir was confused. He asked, “How can passion (ishq) be the peak of peace? It is said that passion is fire. It keeps you uneasy.”

Shah Sab said, “Many things are said about passion (ishq). A man can`t be satisfied without passion (ishq).  Peace is the name of combining you with yourself. In your opinion what is peace of mind? The situation that prevails for a long period of time is called peace. You can see the universal system. It is working in a same way for billions of years. No change is observed in this system. It means that it is based on peace and satisfaction. It is on the straight path. It was same hundred years ago as it is now. If a human has the same behaviour as he had fifty years ago, then he is supposed to have peace of mind. If a thing is not permanent, it has no peace. Only passion (ishq) is constant. Only passion (ishq) is permanent.”

The young man asked, “What is the proof of passion (ishq)?”

Shah Sab said, “Passion is related with personality. As the proof a human is a human, just like that the proof of passion (ishq) is passion. In the other words there is no proof of passion (ishq). If there is proof then it is not passion (ishq). When passion (ishq) arrives, it doesn`t take time. It doesn`t differentiate between the scholar and illiterate. When it comes it conquers everything. It behaves like a ruler.”


It was evening when Aayat returned home from her office. She stopped the car in porch. He saw Dadu sitting with his old friend in lawn. There was a ceremonial meeting of business community in a five star hotel. The government officials were also invited. That ceremony was arranged in the honour of a foreign delegation. Aayat didn`t go in those kind of meetings. Dadu had to go there. But she was sure that he would not go there. Because whenever his friend came he was cut off from the world. After some time she received Dadu`s message that he was not going to that ceremony. She had to go now.

She reached the hotel. She sat on her reserved seat. She saw Tahir sitting with the government officials. He was looking at her. He had a powerful smile. Aayat also smiled at him. Tahir had a lot of praise for her in his eyes. He was constantly looking at her during the formal addresses. After the formal ceremony the people started meeting each other. They were standing near the tables for dinner. Aayat was also standing with some people of the business community. She was thinking to take a chair for dinner; Tahir came near her and held her hand. He left her hand after a while. Aayat would have not realised if he kept her hand in his hand but she didn`t feel good when he left her hand. After completing her discussion Tahir and Aayat moved towards a table. There were some people sitting there. The topic of discussion there also was business. When the people started to go after dinner, Tahir asked Aayat to sit at some place for a while with him. Aayat smiled and asked, “It means we are sitting there, we shall go somewhere else.”

Tahir suggested her to go his home. Aayat said, “I shall come at some other day. Today we can sit here. She smiled and said, “There is no sea beach in Lahore. There is river but it will be sleeping at that time. We shouldn`t disturb it. There is open place, let us sit there.”

Tahir said, “If you don`t want to go with me to my home, we can sit at your home.”

“Dadu`s friend is there. It doesn`t seem good to disturb them. Is everything ok? Why are you saying like that?” asked Aayat.

Tahir smiled and said, “Because you are looking beautiful today.”

Aayat said, “I got ready as usual. What do you want to say?”

“Let us sit in lawn and talk,” Tahir suggested. Aayat thought for a while and went with him towards the lawn.

They were sitting in a peaceful corner of lawn. The weather was fine. A cool breeze was blowing. There weren`t many people. They were sitting and talking in the groups of three or four. Waiter had brought mugs of coffee for them. They commented on the ceremony for some time, and then Tahir said seriously, “Now listen for what I have brought you here.”

Aayat said calmly, “Say whatever you want.”

“I proposed you on that day. I am serious. I wasn`t joking. Think about it seriously. If you are agreed, I shall send my Baba to your home,” asked Tahir.

She answered calmly, “I wasn`t also joking. I gave you answer seriously. My answer is same even today.”

He said, “What will be your answer if I say that two passionates (aashiq) can`t be combined on one passion (ishq).”

She smiled and said, “For thinking like that you have to be a passionate first.”

He said, “I`m ready. You can asses me.”

She said, “There is a big difference between claiming and action. I can say easily that I shall walk on fire. But it will be proved when I shall walk on fire.”

Tahir wearied and said, “So, marrying you is like walking on the fire.”

She said, “Even more than that. Tahir, I know that the woman and wealth is not your problem. Tell me, what exactly do you want from me?”

Tahir said, “I don`t know what do I need. I know only that I want to live with you.”

She said, “I`m with you.”

Tahir said, “Not like that, I want to make you mine.”

She said, “I already belong to someone. You claim that you are a passionate (aashiq) and on the other hand you are behaving like a suborned.”

Tahir said, “You can test my love.”

She said firmly as she didn’t want to talk on that topic anymore, “I am going through a testing period how can I test your love. I advise you to return to your colourful life. Enjoy it.”

He warned, “Aayat, I shall marry you or I shall not marry.”

Aayat un Nisa laughed and said, “You claim to be a passionate and putting conditions too. Return to your world. Do whatever you want.”

“You are not taking me seriously. You are not trying to understand my emotions,” he said in a dispersed manner.”

Aayat didn`t answer him. She smiled and said you held my hand with eagerness. Why did you leave my hand?”

“Why are you like ice? There is no sign of life. Once I held your hand on the jeweler`s shop. It was icy cold without any emotions,” Tahir asked.

“You can`t hold my hand after touching and claim that you want to marry me,” Aayat answered calmly.

“Why is it like that?”

Aayat said, “You will understand but it will take time.”

When Aayat came to her bed she thought about Tahir seriously for the first time. There was no doubt that Tahir`s emotions were true. But the question was why did he want to marry her? Her thoughts were swept away by that question.

She looked into the past from her first encounter with him. But she couldn`t find any clue that shows even a hint of relation of love between them. There was not a single such memory. There was not a single promise of love. Their relation was without any feelings of affection. She had not thought about Tahir in that way. But the meeting today had a different colour. That had forced Aayat to think seriously. She knew the way very well on which Tahir was travelling. Because she herself was centre of somebody else`s vision. Now her beloved was somebody else. She was on such a point of that passage from where she could realise the length and difficulties of that journey. She had conquered the posts of lover and beloved and reached the highest level of passion (ishq). The person who had reached that point couldn`t give any importance to go back on that way again. She could become lover and beloved on her own will. She had no reason to travel on the same path of love again. Her feeling about Tahir was that he was a prince who had entered in the valley of passion (ishq). A person could come in that valley but nobody went back from here despite the doors were always open to go back. A guide is not needed to reach the destinations of that valley. If somebody tries to take guidance, he can be stuck in labyrinth. She knew the ways of that valley. She had to guide Tahir. It was up to Tahir`s sincerity, how quick he could reach the destination. He was on the way of passion (ishq), Aayat had to lead him. She thought about it for a long time then slept peacefully.


There was a storm in politics. That storm began quickly and violently. When theses storms come they wipe away many things. Destruction is hidden in construction and construction is hidden in destruction. The storm in the political world had wiped out a lot. Tahir had been a member of assembly but now he wasn`t member parliament. The centre of power of the area Sikandar Hayat was just a land lord now. He had no government office. The house where there were a lot of people now it was desolate. Sikandar thought that such power was just like a hut on the sea shore. Any storm could wipe that hut away. The people who has courage or they really need it again construct that hut. The people without courage can`t construct anything new. The general elections were announced. The political activities were on its peak.

Tahir was sitting in front of his fatter Sikandar Hayat. Sikandar looked greatly worried but Tahir was calm and compose. He reached Bhawalpur at noon. He judged the situation there. He tried to boost up his father`s moral, “Baba! Why are you worried? Assembly membership was not permanent. It`s time bound. It has to be finished. We shall contest election again and reach the assembly.”

Sikandar Hayat took a deep breath and said, “It happened so quickly. There are many of our personal projects which will not be completed now. We have to work really hard to win the election.”

He said, “We can complete all these projects in the next term. The people are the same and we have the same constituency. Everything will be alright.”

Baba described the ground realities, “Time has changed now. A sense of public awareness has developed. Earlier we had to get support of one elderly person in the whole village or town and all the people voted for us. Now every voter has his own opinion. The people who were with us in the past may not support us now. They can join our opponents.”

He said hopefully, “That wear and tear happen in politics. If some old allies will leave us, some others will join us.”

Baba said, “Inam ul Haq was with us in the last tenure and blackmailed us. We may haven`t faced such difficulties if you had accepted his proposal to marry Jaweria. He is not a reliable person. He had vote bank. He can win the election.”

Tahir said, “If we don`t contest election.”

Sikindar Hayat`s face turned red with anger. He said, “You are talking like a coward. We were the rulers and will remain the rulers of that area. We shall do anything for it. Even if it will be required you have to marry Jaweria. I can`t afford to lose the election.”

Tahir asked, “Is marrying Jaweria is essential for our victory in the election?”

“Yes, it is essential. I was sure about your marriage with her when he proposed but we didn`t answer them in time. But I shall talk with him. The time is still in our hand,” Baba said.

Tahir was not happy to hear that. He was sure that the time had made Jaweria his constraint. Baba would not accept the defeat. He would to everything to retain the seat. Baba`s seriousness was alarming. His father was worried. He was the son who could sacrifice his life for his father. But now he was thinking against his will. His mind and heart had taken positions against each other. He said, “Give me some time, I want to think.”

Baba said, “No need to think, we have to retain our seat. I don`t want to take any risk. I can`t face defeat.”

Baba was dejected. He could see his defeat. Tahir said hopelessly, “I shall do whatever you say.” There was no expression of happiness on Sikandar Hayat`s face. There was agony on his face. He didn`t say anything and went to his room. Tahir was thinking that his father was fully aware of the situation. His rule on the area was attached with Jaweria. She was a shortcut for him. But he was satisfied. His conscience was not agreeing with him. He had the example of Aayat un Nisa. She had nothing but she had done a lot. She was woman but she fought with the problems and made the things favourable for her. He was a man but he couldn`t do what he wanted. That question had created a pulling and hauling situation in his mind. His conscience was saying that it was not the question of man or woman and courage or cowardice. It was all about having an aim and object. It is aim that moves a person on a certain way. Aayat had an aim. She had an object. What have you done? Do you have an aim? He tried to satisfy him that he had no aim but the circumstances he had been facing weren`t created by him. But his conscience said that he had to tackle these circumstances. He said to himself that he had to control these circumstances but he didn`t know what to do. He had an idea. He decides to talk with Aayat. She would guide her. Her advice couldn`t be wrong. He had such a relation with her that he could talk with her on any topic. He thought for a while and rang Aayat. Aayat picked up the call and asked, “Is everything alright? Why do you call me at that time of night?”

Tahir said, “I want to talk with you. I want to take your advice on one matter.”

She said in a pleasant way, “You have to talk to a sane person, I`m _____________.”

Tahir interrupted, I`m am in great stress. I am going through a testing time.”

She said, “Ok, tell me.”

He told all about his conversation with his father. She asked what he wanted. He said, “I want to win the seat without marrying Jaweria.”

Aayat said, “Why are you worried? Take a firm stand and prove yourself.”

He asked, “How can I do that? There is no other way of winning.”

She said, “You claim that you are a passionate (aashiq) but on the other hand you are worried of the circumstances. The passionates (aashiq) have to go on a long difficult journey but passion (ishq) show them the way and make that journey easy. Now it is time to test your passion (ishq). It can make a long journey short. These circumstances are nothing in its way.”

He said, “I couldn`t understand.”

She asked, “Do you want to see your father loosing?”

Tahir said, “No. not at all.”

She said firmly, “Make your own ways. There will be a lot of hurdles. These hurdles will make you dispirited but you have to remain determined. That is the manner of passionates which brings success.”

Tahir said, “I understand. I shall test my passion. Will you help me?”

She said, “I shall do for you whatever I can. Contest on both seats. Keep your object bigger. Tell your father that you could win the election without any support.”

Tahir said, “Done.”

Aayat said, “File the nomination papers and start your work. We shall win with the will of Allah (Insaha Allah).”

They talked about that topic for a while and then disconnected the call. A new zeal had emerged in Tahir. He was feeling the success under his feet.

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