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DEVINE CHROMA. Abdul Hnnan Ch. Epi.07


(Bay Rang Peyya By Amjad Javeed)

Abdul Hnnan Ch


Tahir filed nomination from the both constituencies. It created a great drama in the political atmosphere. People couldn`t understand his strategy. Even the political analysts were surprised. Politics is just like chess.  After placing the chess board, chess pieces are placed on it. Players move their chess pieces according to the political conditions. They plan to defeat their opponents. But if the balance of the political chess board is changed, all the plans are ruined. Tahir had changed the balance of the political arena. His opponents had planned about him as a candidate for provincial assembly only. How could his political opponents understand, even Sikandar Hayat was surprised. He said, “What have you done my son? There was a little hope for provincial assembly seat but now we have to fight on another ground too.”

Tahir said seriously, “There is no friend in politics. There are many groups of self interested people. If we provide them what they need they become silent.”

Baba asked worriedly, “I don`t know what are you going to do? Do you know it costs a lot of money to contest election? I don`t even care about that. If we lost, we shall become the joke of the town.”

Tahir answered obediently, “You have given me responsibility. You just wait and watch what I am going to do.”

“Ok my son, do as you wish,” Baba decided to remain quite despite arguing. The beginning of the victory is started when you make your opponent to do what you want. Changing the political balance was not a big deal. The real trick is to keep all the chess pieces of opponents on your aim. Tahir had made himself the talk of the town. From the common lay man to old experienced politician, everybody was discussing Tahir. Tahir was relax and peaceful. That satisfaction had created panic among his opponents. The political activity was on its peak. Everybody was trying to find more support. At that important phase of the election campaign, Aayat un Nisa came Bhawalpur to support him. Tahir received her at the airport. Tahir said, “Good to see you there. I`m feeling relaxed that you have arrived.”

Aayat said, “I had promised you that I would do anything possible for your victory. I realised that it is time when I should be with you.”

He said, “I am feeling encouraged. I`m considering myself lucky, despite the win or defeat, you will be with me for many days.”

She said in a pleasant way, “I`m even happier than you.”

She asked, “Where are we going?”

He said, “Home.”

She confirmed, “Your house.”

He said, “Yes, my home. Why are you asking like that?”

She said, “I shall live at my home.”

He said, “Your home, what do you mean? You will not stay with me. How will you help me?”

Aayat answered calmly, “I have recently bought a house in Bhawalpur. I shall stay there but I will be with you during your election campaign.”

Tahir knew that there was no use of arguing her. He asked her where they had to go. Aayat told him the way. There was a stress on Tahir`s face. Aayat understood what Tahir was thinking. But she had to do as she was thinking. When Tahir`s car stopped in front of a big house, the gate was opened. Tahir parked the car in porch; he found some honourable persons of local business community were standing to welcome her. After formal greeting they sat in lounge. Politics was not discussed there. When all the people left, Tahir stood up and asked permission to go and suggested Aayat to take some rest. He was looking sad. She asked Tahir to sit. I`m not tired. When you filed your nomination papers I contacted the local business dignitaries of the city. They will be helpful to us. I shall not work as an in-charge of your election campaign. I have come here to help you. Do you understand?”

He said calmly, “Yes, I do understand.”

“Then why is your mood off?” she asked.

He said, “My mood is not off. I didn`t know that you have so much influence here.

She explained, “This is not matter of one day. It needs work hard to reach at a position like that. My passion (ishq) is everything for me. As I am getting involved in it, doors of opportunities are opening. You must know passion (ishq) make the things easier for you. You can even get the things which seems out of your reach.”

Tahir looked at her face and said, “I accept that I don`t know the depth of your passion (ishq) but I can feel it.”

She kept on saying in a flow, “You remember when I met you what was my condition. Nobody knew me. You have accepted that you had no sympathy with me. Whatever I have today, my passion (ishq) has given me. It will be a big lie if I say that I have no demands because I and my personality are same. I am because of passion (ishq) and passion is because of me. We are inseparable. One day, I myself shall become passion (ishq).”

Tahir said in confusion, “Passion (ishq) is amazing. It never allows you to be selfish. We can`t separate it from ourselves. It is a complex affair.”

She said absurdly, “It is not like that. It`s difference of understanding. When you are always looking at your beloved, passion (ishq) removes the difference between you and me. This is the craft of passion (ishq) that lover, beloved and passion (ishq) become one unit.”

She said like she had just came out of a trance, “Let`s talk about your election. Where do you find difficulties in your election campaign?”

She stood up and said, “I shall tell you in the evening. Take some rest.”

He went out of the lounge and Aayat saw him going.

She took dinner and sat in the corridor. She was waiting for Tahir. He said to come in the evening but hadn`t arrived yet. She strolled for a few minutes and sat in a chair again. She knew there was a public gathering in a nearby village. If Tahir had gone there, he couldn`t come. She was feeling the fragrance of desert in the air. Meanwhile the main gate opened and Tahir`s car entered. He parked the car in the porch and walked towards her.

He asked, “Did you not sleep?”

She answered, “I was waiting for you.”

He said, “I don`t want to disturb you. That`s why I didn`t call you. So, I came to see you either you are sleeping or not.”

She said calmly, “You told me that you would come in the evening. I have to wait even if you may come late night after thepublic gathering.”

He asked, “You know that I have to go to address a public gathering.”

She said, “Yes, I know. I realise that you are busy because of it.”

Tahir said, “I have come to tell you about the public gathering. You should take rest now, see you tomorrow.”

Aayat said, “I shall go with you.”

Tahir opened his mouth to say something but didn`t say anything. They moved towards the car in porch. At a point in the city there was a caravan in the form of a procession. The venue of the public gathering was about ten kilometres away. They were alone in the car. Aayat noticed his silence and asked, “Why are you so silent? Are you worried about something?”

He said, “No, I`m not worried. But I have to meet the strangers all the day. I have to request them for their vote. The place where we are going now, I have never been there because it is in the national assembly constituency. I never went out of my provincial constituency.”

She said, “There is nothing to worry about because where we are going some people have already worked for you there. Try to analyze what is base of a human? What are their basic problems? What is the core issue of the people living there? When you think about the humans instead of vote then everything will be obvious.”

They reached the venue of public gathering. She sat in the car and watched the proceedings. She saw after the addresses of local people when Tahir came on the stage, he was extraordinarily confident.


Few days were remaining in the election. The situation was quiet clear. One day Tahir came to her home with Sajjid. Aayat was meeting Sajjid for the first time. Sajjid accepted that he was hopeless before her arrival. But when she came the whole scenario was changed. Only we didn`t feel that but our opponents also noticed it. Sajjid asked her, “You have never contested election; you have never been in politics, you aren`t familiar with the local political atmosphere. How did you make it possible?”

Aayat tried to explain, “We never pay attention at the things which are happening around us. Actually these are the basic issues. What is the base of our politics? Do you understand it?”

He said, “I couldn`t understand!”

Aayat explained, “The base of politics is wealth. There is no concept of service and kindness. These are the main hurdles in the way of our self-reliance. Corruption is the main cause of unemployment. Wealth is the sole purpose of politics. Who has money, he is the leader. When I convinced the business community that Tahir will work for their interest, they decided to support him. They have their roots here. They support the person who will see their benefits.”

Sajjid said, “Yes, politics has become business.”

Aayat said, “It`s obvious; it is almost impossible for a common man to become a member parliament.”

“Leave that discussion for another time. I have come to take you. Baba wants to meet you,” Tahir interfered.

“I shall definitely meet him but after your win. I shall talk with him in detail but the time hasn`t come to do so,” Aayat replied.

Tahir said, “I can`t force you but it __________.”

“There is a time for everything,” Aayat said.

Tahir insisted, “There are some important things that should be discussed now. There is no harm in meeting him now.”

She said, “Take tea then we shall go.”

Tahir was happy to hear that.

They went on their way in Sajjid`s car. Sajjid was driving. Tahir and Aayat were sitting on the back seat. They were in the residential area so the speed was slow. Aayat asked Tahir, “What is so important that he called me in emergency?”

“I think he wants to talk about election,” Tahir guessed.

Aayat was looking towards Tahir. A bike came near the car. There were two persons on it. The person who was driving the bike had a helmet on his head. The person who was sitting behind had covered his face with a veil. Aayat saw a pistol in his hand. She had no time to react. She threw herself on Tahir. Tahir couldn`t understand what was happening. Meanwhile the man in veil opened fire. Aayat cried with pain. Sajjid lost control at the car and the car hit the bike. The bike turned over.

Tahir felt blood when Aayat cried. Aayat was injured. Her condition didn`t look good. He shouted at Sajjid to drive the car towards hospital. He increased the speed. Tahir`s body was wet with Aayat`s blood. He gathered his senses, took out his mobile phone and informed Baba about the attack on him. He could have caught the attackers but he wanted to save Aayat`s life. She was rolling and tossing in his arms. He was talking in a delirious way, “No Aayat, you can`t leave me. Sajjid drive faster. Aayat breathe. We shall be in hospital in few moments. Please, open your eyes. Sajjid move fast.”

They reached hospital in few minutes. They stopped in front of the emergency. The paramedics were already standing there. They took Aayat to operation theatre. She was unconscious. The time was passing by. The news of attach on Tahir had spread in the city. There were rumors about the attack. Tahir`s staff and everybody related to his election reached hospital. But Baba didn`t come. The doctors were busy in saving Aayat`s life. After two hours, Aayat was shifted to ICU.

It was early morning when Aayat was returning to consciousness. The nurse standing by her bed turned back and Tahir came near her bed.

“Allah has granted you a new life. The bullet only touched your shoulder. You put your life in danger to save me,” he stated to weep. He put his trembling lips on her hand and two tears also fell on her hand. Aayat`s hand was cold as usual. He moved back when a heard a slight sound. The doctor and nurses were behind him. They were staring at him. After a long pause, the doctor said, “You are out of danger now. But you have to stay there for some time. You need to take rest. We shall decide in the evening what else should be done.”

She smiled a bit behind the oxygen mask. She signaled ok through her eyes. The doctors looked at the nurse who was ready with an injection.


The first quarter of the day was passing by. Syed Rasool Shah Bukhari was sitting in his room. It was the day when there was no lecture delivered by him. He was waiting for that young man who often came to him. He wanted to talk with him on the previous day but he couldn`t due to lack of time. So, he called him on the next day. The young man returned happily. Shah Sab looked at the wall clock when he heard a slight knock on the door. The young man entered the room. He respectfully greeted Shah Sab. Shah Sab signaled him to sit down. He sat down in a sofa. Shah Sab smiled and said, “I have fulfilled my promise by the grace of Allah.”

He said, “I`m also happy because I got a chance to meet you in solitude.”

Shah Sab smiled and asked, “What do you want to ask today?”

He asked, “You told us that passion (ishq) was not a literary term. Then, how can we prove the occurrence of it? What is the state of it? Is it a word invented by the poets or it is real?”

“All the creations of Allah have their own nature but there is a resemblance too in that uniqueness. The human is Allah`s creation. It is present in the universe which is also Allah`s creation. He is unique in his personality but it can be a sum of different natures. He has many qualities in one time. He can form a harmony with universe. Now, we shall discuss the human. Human loves himself. It is compulsory. You can say it is his nature, quality or anything else. The human either he is good or bad loves himself. He is bound to do so. If he will not love himself his existence can be in danger. Now let us see, has passion (ishq) any existence? When thing has no existence it can`t show its action. If love and passion (ishq) have their existence, they can be expressed. That is the proof of existence of passion (ishq) that human can show or express it. The human loves himself because of practical existence of passion (ishq).”

He asked, “What is proof that somebody is involved in passion (ishq) or he is a passionate (aashiq)?”

Shah Sab explained, “Not single living specie is there which dislike or hate it. This is the secret of positivity.  The existence of human is the proof of presence of passion (ishq). How can he implement anything if it is non – existent? For example, there is water so we can quench our thirst. The existence of human is the most important thing. The love is in his nature, so he should exercise it in his qualities and actions.”

The young man asked, “But the person who commit suicide doesn`t love him.”

“Suicide is not a common thing. It is an exemption. It is disliked by most of us. It is not a universal phenomenon. The question arises why the people commit suicide? They are in less in numbers. If you do an in depth analysis, you will find that they commit suicide in their love with themselves. The Japanese thought that collective suicide was a good deed but now they disagree with it. That is along argument but the end of it will be the love. Passion (ishq) is a nature in itself. The man is bound to love himself,” Shah Sab answered in detail.

The young man asked, “What is the reality of passion (ishq)?”

Shah Sab answered, “As the human love himself, he reflects that love in his qualities and actions. When he goes through the phase of loving himself, his personality is changed. His behaviour is changed. He gets ready to sacrifice. If he has to give his life to save someone else, he will do it without any hesitation. Passion (ishq) starts from loving your own personality. If someone goes against his personality, he is actually denying himself.”

He asked, “What is process of emergence of passion (ishq)?”

“There are three important things: personality, qualities and actions. For example, this is a phone. This is its personality. This will remain phone if it is charged, it is off or it is on. Second thing is that what are its qualities? A phone with fewer price has fewer qualities. As a phone`s price increases, its qualities increase too. We can say a phone becomes expensive due to its qualities. The third thing is actions. If wisdom is personality then a mental retard can`t live. A new argument can start from here but the result will be same the reality of a human is passion (ishq). When his heart stops beating, we say that he has died. Only brain is not enough to keep him alive. The love will emerge from inside. If I have love inside me then I can express my love with somebody else. When I have love then I can give it to somebody else,” said Shah Sab.

He asked, “If human personality is natural, is passion (ishq) also a natural process?”

“The unit of nature is human himself. A human`s base is passion (ishq). If he stops loving himself, he can`t retain himself. Passion (ishq) is must for human existence. Passion about himself is obligatory for a human. The nature is also standing on love. A human is nearest to himself. A human will not hate himself in any case. If he is wrong in others opinion, he will say that he is right. He will never say that he is wrong. He will try to make that wrong right. He will stay firm on his passion (ishq) with him. The narcissism is a psychological term used for his love with himself,” Shah Sab explained.

He asked, “Is the man is related to universe just because of his passion (ishq)?”

“If we observe the universe we shall find that the first thing which is essential for a human is air. He breathes in the air when he arrives in the world. The air won`t mind even if we hold our breath. It`s up to us when we shall breathe again. Air is always firm on its love. It continues to love humans till they stop breathing but it doesn`t mean that the air has stopped blowing, got angry or refused to do its work. Air doesn`t change its way even when a man dies. A man can`t overcome the power of life. The nature has attached it with him. The stars and planets are revolving. The universe will be destroyed if they collide with each other. They are not colliding each other because of their love. If they oppose each other they will collide immediately. Their love forces them not to leave their orbit. It means that they are protecting each other. They are bound to respect one another`s gravity. It is a kind of attraction to keep on moving in an orbit. If we take love out of them, the universe will be destroyed. The most important thing in nature is human. So, the human can`t go against the nature. He has to follow the rules of nature. He has to live within the nature. The human is attached with the nature that`s why we say the base of nature is passion (ishq). If we take passion out of it; the life will be destroyed, the universe will be destroyed. So, we can say gravity and passion are same. Objective value has been given the name of gravity. We say it passion (ishq) as a literary term while it is called gravitational force as a scientific term. Passion is a power which holding the universe. You can imagine if that force is taken away,” answered Shah Sab.

The young man asked, “What is conscience?”

Shah answered, “Various components join together to build a personality. But we can`t separate its components. Our hand has no personal identity, it can`t be separated from the whole personality. It will be said that its Zaid`s hand or its Bakr`s hand. Similarly heart, brain, eyes and other organs combine together to build a personality. That personality has a unique identity. When a specific organ moves forward it becomes the identity of the whole body. As we say beautiful face; it shows that the face is dominating the other organs of the personality. When heart rules the body then the whole personality is dominated by the passion (ishq). The people whom body was dominated by passion (ishq) have created history. Passion is immortal. The people who are connected with passion (ishq), they are immortal in the stories and books. The history shows us that who had made his passion (ishq) prominent over other components; he became favourite of the past. So, emergence of the inner self is called conscience.”

“Is there any practical aspects of passion (ishq)?” asked the young man.

“The passion (ishq) has no decline. That is the greatest proof of the practical aspect of it. It is the main reason of human occurrence. We are always fighting for our occurrence. Passion (ishq) emerges when we start that fight. Passion emerges for a material, another human, country or any other objective. When it dominates the life; the passionate (aashiq) gets ready to sacrifice his life. Then it becomes important. We can understand the value of passion (ishq) when we are involved in it. If you have to understand the practical aspect of passion (ishq), you have to do it by yourself. You have to be involved in it. Otherwise, whatever I try to explain you it will be like a lecture full of spiritual terms. It will become more un-understandable. The proof of a miracle or marvel is that it can`t be understood. That world is not imaginary. That lesson was taught by Prophet Muhammed`s ascension. We have to decode the spiritualism if we want to implement it in any aspect of life. Just under that to create something is the practical aspect of the passion (ishq),” said Shah Sab.

The young man said, “That`s enough for today. Please, take some rest.”

Shah Sab smiled. The young man shook hand with him and went out of the room. Shah Sab started reading a book.

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