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DEVINE CHROMA.Epi.9 Abdul Hnnan Ch


(Bay Rang Peyya By Amjad Javeed)

Abdul Hnnan Ch

She shut her eyes calmly. She opened her eyes when the office boy came to take the tea cups. She stood up, instructed somebody on intercom and left the room. Her car was in the porch. She sat in the car and asked driver to go to the farmhouse. The car was on its way to farmhouse but she was lost in her thoughts. She was looking happy. She reached farmhouse and entered in the lounge. Rabia came out of kitchen and asked her to bring tea. Aayat asked, “Is lunch for Sarmad is ready?”

Rabia told her that lunch was ready and driver had gone to pick him from school. Aayat said, “Tell somebody else to make tea and come quickly. I want to talk with you before Sarmad comes.”

Rabia went out of the lounge, Aayat sat in a sofa and lost in her thoughts again. Rabia came and sat with her. Aayat looked at her and said seriously, “What I am going to say don`t react on it immediately. Think about it and answer.”

Rabia understood the seriousness of the matter by her words. Many negative and positive thoughts gathered in her mind. She was totally confused. She asked, “Aayat, why are you talking like that?”

Aayat smiled and then said seriously, “Whatever I`m going to say, it is entirely for your better future. Don`t even presume anything bad from my side.”

“What is the matter?” Rabia asked in a trembling voice.

Aayat looked at her for a moment and said, “I`m thinking about your marriage.”

Rabia was confused and surprised to hear that. She asked in a shivering sound, “What are you saying?”

Aayat said seriously, “I`m right.”

“Do you think about Sarmad? What will happen to him? _____” Rabia tried to say but Aayat interrupted her, “I`m doing this for him. I don`t want any vacuum in his life. Sarmad will stay with you and your husband will take care of him more than anybody else. You will be able to live like a family.”

“Who will take care of us and accept Sarmad also? It is impossible,” Rabia was surprised.

“For you it can be impossible but for me it is possible. Do you want to know who will be your husband?” Aayat asked.

“I can`t understand anything and you ______________,” Rabia tried to say but Aayat said quickly, “Your husband will be Tahir Hayat.”

Rabia was stunned to hear that. Her eyes were wide open. She couldn`t believe her ears. Tears began to flow out of her eyes. She said subdued tone, “I don`t expect from you that you will ridicule me like that. You have to accept that you are talking impossible today.”

Aayat said with patience, “I`m not trying to ridicule you. I am telling you facts.”

She was irritated, “You didn`t even bother me to ask if I`m ready to marry him or not.”

Aayat asked, “Can I think anything wrong for you? There is a great difference between our statuses. I don`t think I deserve a husband like him. Secondly, I`m living a respectful life here. Can he give me that respect?” Rabia said. Aayat said quickly, “Why are you thinking like that you are not separate from me. I had thought about all of your concerns. You will get due respect after marriage because you are Sarmad`s mother. Your respect and status will increase.”

Rabia was confused, “Why should I marry?”

“I`m doing this all for Sarmad. Do you want to do something for Sarmad?” Aayat explained.

She kept sitting silent for few minutes and said, “I want to ask you something if you don`t mind.”

Aayat`s answer was yes. Rabia asked, “You and I both know that Tahir loves you. He wants to marry you. Why are you not marrying him? How and why will he marry an ordinary widow like me?”

“I have already told you that he will marry you. He will respect you. Leave how and why up to me,” Aayat didn`t lose her patience.

“You have ignored my basic question. Why are you not marrying him?” Rabia tried to remember her.

“Some realities can`t be said. I request you to marry him,” Aayat said in a definite way. Before Rabia asked a new question, the car stopped in porch. Sarmad came in. He saw Aayat`s car in porch. As he saw Aayat, he ran towards her and hugged her. Aayat met him like that they saw each other after a long time. She kissed on his forehead. Sarmad asked, “Bari Mama (big mom), when did you come?”

“I have just come. You called me to come, see I am here,” Aayat said happily.

“Yes, I called you in the morning,” Sarmad said like that as he remembered about his phone call.

“I thought you will be in school and I have to do some important work in office, so I came now. Now tell me why you called me?” she asked while watching Sarmad`s face.

Meanwhile driver put Sarmad`s bag on a sofa and returned back. Rabia was looking at them. Sarmad sat in a sofa and said, “Nothing,”

“What is this? Please, talk with me,” Aayat said uneasily.

“No, I shall not talk with you,” Sarmad sulked.

“Ok, I understand. Shall I give you a surprise?” Aayat asked pleasantly.

Sarmad talked freely, “Please! Tell me what the surprise is?”

“You keep on asking me where your Papa is,” she said.

“Yes, Bari Mama,” Sarmad said surprisingly.

“Your Papa is coming. He will meet you soon,” she announced dramatically.

“Are you speaking truth?” asked Sarmad.

“Did your Bari Mama ever told a lie?” asked Aayat.

“No, you haven`t told a lie,” he said while blinking his eyes quickly.

She looked the expression of happiness on his face and informed that his Papa would be with him in two or three days. Sarmad said enthusiastically, “I shall go out with my Papa like other children. He will take me to eat fast food. He will drop me at school and pick me from school at home time. I shall play games with him. He will buy new cartoon movies for me. It will be a great fun.”

Sarmad was really happy. He was enthusiastic. His voice was full of zeal and curiosity. Aayat looked at Rabia. Tears were flowing out of her eyes. She nodded her head positively. Aayat said to Sarmad, “Yes, you will do as you like. Now go and change you uniform, we shall talk on lunch.

“Ok, Bari Mama,” Sarmad ran away to change. Rabia also followed him. Aayat leaned in sofa and shut her eyes.


There was sweet smell in Syed Zeeshan Rasool Bukhari`s room. The bright light had lit up everything in the room. He was sitting on a Sofa. His face was as fresh as usual. Tahir was sitting right in front of him in a sofa. His condition was not looking good. It seemed he came without any preparation. The usual cheerfulness on his face was missing. Shah Sab smiled to see him. They talked about different topics and then a sense of silence prevailed between them. Shah Sab broke the silence, “It seemed that you are confused.”

He said clearly, “Yes, I`m confused. I have taken firm decision but I`m still in confusion. My inner self is not satisfied.”

“I shall not ask neither about your confusion nor is the decision you made right or wrong. But if you want to share about any aspect of your confusion, please don`t be shy,” Shah Sab said with calmness and great sobriety.

Tahir wriggled to hear that and asked, “Can we look into the future?”

He said calmly, “Yes, it is possible.”

“I want to see my future, can you show me my future?” Tahir asked quickly.

“I can or can`t is a different argument but the question is why do you want to do so?” he asked seriously.

“I want to authenticate either my decision was right or wrong?” Tahir asked hesitantly.

Shah Sab thought for a moment and said, “I have understood your condition. Before answering your question I want to talk with you a bit. There are many professionals like lawyers, teachers, engineers and doctors etc. They all emerged from the womb of necessity. We can`t say about a profession either it is natural or not. But these profession have their existence and they are needed. Surprisingly, it never happened that a lawyer understands a teacher`s profession. A doctor can`t understand a lawyer`s profession. An engineer doesn`t know how to perform a doctor`s duty. All of them are highly qualified. They have degrees. But when we go to a court of law we shall need a lawyer. A more educated and qualified professor can`t take his place. If there is a patient, only a doctor can help him. The lawyer can`t do anything. This is a system and it is made by the will of nature. This system proves that the human being is not competent enough to deal with all the branches of knowledge.”

Tahir said calmly, “It is true. A human can have many qualities. He can produce all of them one by one but he isn`t able to perform as a lawyer, teacher, doctor or engineer at a time.”

“Every profession is attached with a necessity. But it doesn`t mean that the peak of every profession is same. There are different sciences and they have various branches. Peak of a science is different from other. Every man has an idea in his mind but every man can`t reach the depth of that idea. Let us take the predicting about the future as a test case. Many people can`t predict about the future. But there are some people who can do that. Whatever they say about future it comes true. We have to accept that it is a separate science. We can`t find the reality of that science without being involved in that science. This is a kind of spiritual or heavenly science. Every science has its basics like the base of a language is it`s alphabetic. The foundation of the science is its base, after studies meanings and terms emerge. These terms have a special thought behind it. The doctor will learn the basics of medical. The lawyer will learn about basics of law. Similarly, spirituality and meditation have their basics. Who will learn these basics, he will achieve its depth. Without going through its basics, the awareness of that science is impossible,” Shah Sab stopped for a while.

Tahir asked, “Can we say it observation too?”

Shah Sab answered calmly, “Yes, we can say it observation. The sciences which are associated with monotheism, their structure is descending which means from top to bottom. All the other sciences are worldly so their formation is from bottom to top. It means they are ascending. I`m saying with responsibility and firmness that love and passion (ishq) are heavenly sciences. It is obvious that the power to describe monotheism is love and passion (ishq). It can`t be expressed verbally. It emerges from the character. When monotheism is described with passion (ishq), it becomes heavenly too. When a man starts a new journey, he confuses consciously or subconsciously. He wishes to reach his destination quickly or want to be satisfied that he will reach his destination. He tries to know about the way. He struggles to find some ease. He becomes curious to know everything in the way. When he comes to know about it, he behaves normally. This is human nature but it doesn`t pay anything. There is no use of it.”

“I couldn`t understand,” Tahir admitted.

“The thing has hold on the past, present and future can only be looked into these ages. We shall use that thing and it will take us to the past and will tell about future also. Now we have to see that who is immortal. Who has no beginning or end? If a person excesses to it, he will be granted power to see in the future.”

Tahir asked, “Who is __________?”

Shah Sab looked at Tahir and said, “There is destruction, devastation, dilemma and anarchy in everything. There are two things evident to us; time and space. We have to find him in these. There is fruitfulness and fertility in nature. If time and space is even destroyed, it will be created again. The continuity of humans and plants is one of the examples. The things are being destroyed and are being created again. What is that process? What is the base of this phenomenon? Why is the base of this process not being destroyed? The base of the nature can`t be destroyed. The system of nature is not destroyed. But the productivity of nature can be destroyed. For example, television remains the same but the movies and plays keep on changing. The time is same but scenes and characters of the time keep on changing. Some people have misconception that the nature of time is an accident. This isn`t true. The thing which is created, it is flourishing. That growth is due to passion (ishq). The power of growth is run by the passion (ishq). Passion (ishq) has full control on the past, present and future. Only a passionate (aashiq) and lover see through all the times. To see through the time, we have to become a passionate.”

Tahir asked, “A passionate (aashiq) can have control over the time. Can he change the time also?”

“The thing that can control the past, present and future has ability to change it partially. The saints have named it as “immortality”. It has excess to the present, past and future so it has ability to slightly change the fate. If you are passionate (aashiq), then your wish will be fulfilled. Man can hold the destiny that Allah has granted to him. The greatest poet of our era Iqbal has said, “The animals and plants are bound to obey the nature but a true believer is bound to obey Allah only. If you want to achieve something, you have to become a passionate. You will find out your future. You will have your destiny in your hand. If you have courage, you can create your own heaven,” Shah Sab answered.

Tahir asked, “Can we see everything like that?”

“If we want to see a thing in the room, we don’t put light on this thing only. We have to light up the whole room to see it. If there is no light of passion (ishq), we can`t see a specific thing. It is a technical thing,” Shah Sab answered.

“In this regard, I can`t see anything,” said Tahir.

“Allah has said about the man that he is hasty. Suppose, I show you your future but you are unable to see your favourite scene in it. Then will you leave your objective. You will leave the way of passion. Will you surrender? Do you want your objective or the power? The power with which you can conquer the other humans. If you want the power what is your intention? Do you have self-desire? If you will not slaughter your self-desire, then it is not passion (ishq), it is dissimulation,” Shah Sab said.

“What do you mean by slaughtering the self-desire?” asked Tahir.

“The base of self-desire is the body. In other words it can be said as lust. If somebody is said to slaughter his self-desire, it means he is limited to love with body. He has to move forward after slaughtering his self-desire. He will find the peace after that sacrifice and his destination will be in front of him,” Shah Sab answered.

“How is it possible? Is it not difficult?” he asked.

“When we have to sacrifice we select the animal which is beautiful and it is free of any defect. When we are buying an animal our sincerity emerges. We are trying to find the animal with sincerity and love. The money is on one side and the intention to buy a beautiful animal on the other side. Our intention guides us what we are going to do. What is priority? When we are seeking for a beautiful animal, the beauty will be our primary object. The money will take the secondary position. Our elders told us that the animal knew that he was going to be slaughtered in the way of Allah. He understands that he is on a righteous path. But even then when we slaughter it, it rolls and tosses about because it is his nature. Self-desire is also like a beautiful animal. It also rolls and tosses about at the time of slaughtering,” Shah Sab explained.

Tahir said anxiously, “Yes, it rolls and tosses about. I am going through the same situation right now. I`m stuck in a confusion.”

Shah Sab smiled and asked, “Let me try to help you. Let`s try to solve your problem. Will the rolling and tossing of your self-desire will be finished in this way?”

Tahir smiled and said, “Yes, it seems like that.”

“Try to remember the incident that have affected your life the most,” Shah Sab said. Tahir shut his eyes. An incident arrived on the screen of his mind. Then Shah Sab said, “You are driving a car. This is your favourite car. Your Baba has bought that car on your extreme desire. You are travelling on a two way road. In the mean while a shepherd suddenly comes with his sheep and goats to cross the road. You lose control over your car and run into the herd of sheep and goats. Your car strikes with a tree. You are conscious. The shepherd helps you to get out of the car. You find the goats and sheep laying on the road. There is blood all over the road. You are unconscious now.” Shah Sab stopped talking, Tahir opened his eyes and said, “You are absolutely right.”

Shah Sab said furthermore, “When you opened your eyes in the hospital, the shepherd was there. Do you want to know the first sentence he said?”

“No sir, I have known and understood,” Tahir said quickly.

Shah Sab smiled and asked, “Will you want to see your future now? But you have to withdraw from your passion (ishq) to do so.”

Tahir smiled and said, “No sir, I need my passion.” A zeal was evident on his face. He greeted Shah Sab and went out of the room.


It was afternoon. Aayat was sitting in a sofa in the lounge of farmhouse. Ambreen`s husband Adnan was sitting with her. Ambreen was with Rabia in her room. Aayat`s manager was sitting in another sofa with his wife. A moulana (Islamic marriage registrar) was also sitting in a separate sofa. Aayat had sent Sarmad out with her driver. He was advised to take him to a fast food restaurant and then for a long drive. The driver was not allowed to come before the sunset. She didn`t want Sarmad to be in the marriage ceremony. Tahir was sitting in a sofa in front of Aayat. His friends Sajjid and Munib were with him. They had just arrived. Ambreen brought Rabia in the lounge. She made Rabia to sit with Tahir. The marriage registrar looked at Aayat. She asked him to go ahead. The entire atmosphere of the lounge was changed. Proposal and consent was done. Moulana delivered a short marriage address. Now Tahir and Rabia were legal husband and wife. Manager and Adnan were witnesses from Rabia`s side while Sajjid and Munib were Tahir`s witnesses. Ambreen requested to approach to lawn for refreshment. Everybody including Tahir and Rabia proceeded towards the lawn.

The Sun had set. Aayat was waiting for Sarmad in the lawn. All the guests had gone. Tahir went out with his friends. Rabia was in her room. She was calmly thinking about the time to come. She realised what was going to happen. She saw Tahir`s car entering the farmhouse. Her car stopped in porch. She was thinking he would come to her but he went in. After a while another car stopped in the porch, Sarmad came out of it and ran towards her. He was very excited. He told her that he had enjoyed his outing and missed her a lot. She asked him, “How much you missed me?”

He fully stretched his arms and said, “That much.”

“Wow! You missed me so much,” she said surprisingly.

He said with enthusiasm, “If you were with us I would have enjoyed more.”

“I have to go with you but I was waiting for someone,” she stopped for a while and asked, “Do you know whom I was waiting for?”

He asked innocently, “No.”

“I was waiting for your Papa,” she said as she was telling a great secret.

He asked, “Are you speaking truth? Where is my Papa?”

“He is inside the house. But do you remember what did I say to you?” she asked.

“Yes, I remember,” he said and dragged her towards the main entrance, “Let us go and meet him,” he couldn`t hide his curiosity.

Tahir was sitting in the lounge. As Sarmad entered the lounge, he came quickly towards him. Sarmad also ran towards him. Tahir kneeled on the carpet and hugged Sarmad. Sarmad said, “Papa, do you know how much I missed you today.”

He looked at his adorable face affectionately and said, “I know my son. Why I couldn`t come, there is a long story behind it. I shall tell you everything.”

Sarmad asked in a trembling voice, “Will you not go now?”

Tahir touched his ears and said, “Never.”

Sarmad stretched his hand towards him and said, “Promise.”

Tahir held his tiny hand and said, “Promise.”

Sarmad started to talk without any break, “You know all of my friends have their papa. They talk about their papa. They play go for outing with their papa. Their papa come to pick them from school. Their papa love them.”

Tahir eyes were ready to flow with tears. He tried to hide his tears and said in hoarse voice, “I have come now. We shall do that all together.”

Rabia was watching them. Sarmad saw Rabia and said quickly, “Papa has promised me not to go. He will stay with us forever.”

Rabia tried to smile and said, “Yes, he is right.”

Sarmad looked at Aayat and said happily, “Thank you Bari Mama! You brought my Papa back.”

“Welcome my son,” she said, “your Papa is sitting on the carpet. Sit with him in sofa and tell him where you went today.”

Tahir took him in his lap and sat in a sofa. Sarmad told him that he had enjoyed. Aayat looked at Rabia and walked towards her. She took Rabia with her and went out. Aayat said, “You see, how happy Sarmad is!”

“Yes, he is very happy. You ____________,” Rabia tried to say but Aayat put her hand on her lips and said, “I have already told you everything. It isn`t like that you are thinking.”

Rabia controlled her emotions, wiped her tears and said, “Thank you very much! You made Sarmad familiar with Tahir. I were not be able to do that.”

Aayat put her hand on her shoulder and said, “I shall handle everything.” Rabia nodded her head positively.


There was complete silence in the farmhouse. First quarter of the night had passed. Rabia was in her room. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had never thought that the circumstances would change so swiftly. She would marry again and a handsome youth like Tahir would accept her. Her age was not more than Tahir but there was an evident difference of status. That could happen only because of Aayat. She could never forget her favours. She knew that Aayat would never ask anything for her favours. She was aware of Aayat`s passion towards Sarmad. She could never neglect Sarmad`s wish. Sarmad was with her in another room. She was telling him stories.

Tahir went out after dinner. Rabia was sitting with them but when Tahir came back and sat in lounge, Aayat signaled her to go to her room. Rabia`s journey towards her own room was a journey of a new world. She was behaving like a traveler who was on a totally new way. She was feeling herself helpless. The reason was her fear either she could travel or she would be tired in its middle. She was thinking if she couldn`t go through that way what would happen. What others would think about her? She was lost in her thought when she heard a slight knock at the door. She was startled. The door was opened and Tahir came in. He sat on the opposite edge of the bed. She was confused. She was thinking about status gap between Tahir and herself. Tahir broke the silence, “How are you?”

She could talk for few minutes then said quickly, “I`m fine.”

Tahir said, “Rabia! You are my wife now. You are my honour and life partner. The circumstances in which we got married are past now. We have to look into the future. I know we have to face many problems but we shall face them together. I shall try my best to give you due respect. We are companions of pains and pleasures. I shall try my best to provide you every happiness of life.”

Rabia gathered her courage and said, “I shall try my best that you will not have any complaint from my side.”

Tahir said, “You are not answerable to anybody. If we shall take care of rights and duties as husband and wife, there will be no confusion in our life.”

Rabia said in a low voice, “Yes.”

A complete silence prevailed between them. Tahir took two fancy red diaries out of his pocket. He kept one diary with him, gave her the other one and said, “This is not merely a diary, it is a mirror of feelings in which we shall see each other.”

Rabia asked while taking diary, “I can`t understand.”

“This diary is blank, nothing is written on it. But if you have a negative feeling or thought about me you will write in it. That written feeling will be for you only, I shall not see it. Similarly the second diary is for me,” Tahir tried to explain.

She hesitantly asked, “Why?”

Tahir repeated, “This not a diary only it will be mirror of our feelings and we shall judge ourselves in it.”

She still couldn`t understand but took the diary and said, “As you wish.”

“I shall not promise or claim anything. The time will decide about my behaviour,” he stood up, took off his coat and started to find a place to hang it. Rabia took his coat.


Sikandar Hayat was surprised to hear about Tahir`s marriage with a widow like Rabia. He was trembling in anger. He was hoping against the hopes that somebody would tell him it was just a rumor. His mind and heart were not ready to accept it. But Tahir`s marriage was undeniable fact. He was walking to and fro in the back corridor of his house in an anxious situation. His mind was simmering and heart was disordered. He was thinking what Tahir had done. He was considering it his greatest failure which had shaken his throne. He was dominion over a small area but now he was feeling that his authority on his area was gone. His commanding position was in danger. His mind was numb. He was unable to decide. He didn`t know what to do. The first quarter of the day passed in that perplexity.

“Sardar Sab, take tea,” he heard Balqees Begum`s sound and turned towards her. She had a tray in her hand which had many requisites with tea. He could not understand what was said to him for a moment. He remained silent. She said again, “You haven`t eaten anything till morning. Please, have something. Her tone was full of request. Sikandar Hayat behaved like it was said to somebody else. He turned and sat in a nearby chair. He was squeezing his head in anxiety. Balqees Begum put the tray on the table and said, “Why did you forbid servants to come here? What effect is being created by them?”

Sardar Sikandar enraged bitterly in grievance, “Think, what will happen when this news spreads? Mean cheap people will discuss it on roadsides. It will be discussed in shops, fields, police station and courts. They will say rubbish about us in their gatherings. Who will respect us now?”

Balqees Begum said with patience, “Fate will not change by your fasting. The problem will not be solved by remaining hungry. It will remain fact either you eat or not.”

He asked in disappointment, “What should I do?”

“You don`t need to do anything. Just take something to eat. I shall tell you what to do,” she said.

Sardar Sikandar asked while taking a biscuit from the tray, “Do you have any solution?”

She said while giving a cup of tea in his hand, “Sajjid has given you that information. It means this news is not spread yet. It is known by only Sajjid and some other people who attended the ceremony. The time is still in our hands.”

He asked anxiously, “How can you say that?”

She replied, “I have talked with Sajjid in detail. I have asked him each and everything. I have forced him not tell anybody about that marriage. He promised me that he wouldn`t tell anybody else and would force others not to spread that news.”

He asked, “What will be result of all that exercise?”

She answered, “The news will not spread and we shall solve this problem till then.”

Sikandar Hayat started to shiver with anger and shouted, “What is solution? What can happen now?”

“Ask Tahir. Listen him too. Ask him what was emergency that he had to marry a widow,” she said rudely.

He asked, “Is there any pressure on him?”

“Tahir is coming. He will take the first available flight. Let us talk with him, I`m sure we shall find out a way out,” she said.

He said hopelessly, “There is no benefit of talking. If he do care for us why he did such a shameful act that will make us joke of the town.”

“Let`s talk but you have to control your anger. You know matters like these need a lot of patience and tolerance,” she tried to appease.

Sikandar Hayat looked at her. He wanted to say something but he didn`t. Balqees Begum took the tray and went. She knew her husband. Sikandar kept on thinking. He was unable to find any way out. He didn`t want Rabia in Tahir`s life. He was taking Rabia as a disaster for his political career and social status. He was lost in his thoughts when he saw Tahir coming with Balqees Begum. Tahir greeted him but he didn`t answer. He was looking at Tahir angrily. Tahir and his mother sat on nearby chairs silently. Sikandar Hayat stared at him and said, “Do you not need me anymore?”

Tahir replied him obediently, “I can`t understand what are you saying.”

“If you care about us you must have asked before marrying that cheap low caste woman. You have ridiculed us. If you wanted to marry, you could have married a girl equal to your status. What is meant by marrying a cheap, low caste widow,” Sikandar Hayat said bitterly in grievance.

Tahir listened him silently with patience, and asked obediently, “Rabia is from a lower caste and widow. Is this bothering you?”

Sikandar Hayat burst in anger, “Are you gone mad? You are an ungrateful person. You could have married Aayat or any other girl from a respectful family. You married a widow who belongs to a family of our servants.”

Tahir said calmly, “Baba, everybody has his own standards. Rabia is a human, the things like caste are our own thoughts. She matched my standards so I married her.”

He said in hatred, “A widow who have brought a son in dowry is your standard.”

Tahir replied with patience and calmly, “Do our religion forbid us to marry a widow? Isn`t a sunnah (Prophet Muhammed`s practice)? The caste system is made by us. Our religion strictly prohibited that. The base of our religion Islam is humanity who it can promote hatred among the humans.”

“You have no justification of your stupidity so you are giving me religious lectures. You have no reason to marry her that’s why you are making religion your shield. Why do I listen your justifications? Just tell me, do you need us or not?” Sardar Sikandar asked in a contemptuous way.

Seeing his anger Balqees Begum intervened, “Sardar Sab, ask him what was constraint that had forced him to marry her.”

“There was no pressure or constraint, I married her with my own will. It is my personal decision and I`m happy with my decision,” he answered calmly.

Sikandar Hayat lost control over himself and enraged, “What are you saying? Can you imagine what will happen after your personal decision? You have a status. We have to go in public. You can`t take these kind of emotional decisions. Do you know, everything will be ruined? We shall loose our political ground as well as reputation.”

Tahir said carelessly, “Nobody cares about our personal decision. If we shall invite them to involve in our personal matters then it can happen.”

Balqees Begum said, “You can`t ridicule us like that. We can`t get rid of danger by ignoring it. Your Baba is right. What happened to you my son? Why are you not taking it seriously?”

Tahir consoled, “Amaan, I`m alright. Nothing is going to be wrong with our politics. You are worried without any reason.”

Sikandar Hayat said categorically, “Don`t teach us lessons. You can`t do whatever you like. I shall not allow you to ruin our status and politics. You have to divorce her and it is my order.”

He nodded his head and said, “Please Baba, don`t give me an order that I can`t obey. I didn`t marry her to divorce. It was my will to marry her. I can`t do that.”

Sardar Sikandar said in anger and hatred, “We have no relation with you from now on.”

Balqees Begum said, “Sardar Sab, what are you saying? It is impossible _____.”

Sardar Sikandar interrupted her, stared at Tahir angrily and said in a voice full of sorrow, “Everything is possible. I`m alive, I can handle everything. Get lost, I don`t need you.” He stood up and went away. Balqees Begum said to Tahir, “Time is in your hand. Do as your father say or everything will be destroyed.”

“I can`t divorce Rabia. You persuade Baba not to be stubborn. I shall handle the situation,”

Tahir was still calm and compose.

Balqees Begum wiped her tears, controlled herself, hardened her heart and said, “No my son you have to leave Rabia. You can meet us only when you divorce her.”

Tahir tried to say something but she didn`t listen and went away. Tahir decided to go back from the same flight he had come.


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بے رنگ پیا…امجد جاوید..قسط نمبر 14

بے رنگ پیا امجد جاوید قسط نمبر 14 آیت النساءشام ہونے تک کبھی شکیل کی …

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