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DEVINE CHROMA Epi 15 Last Epi Abdul Hnnan Ch.


Epi 15

Last Epi

(Bay Rang Peyya By Amjad Javeed)

Abdul Hnnan Ch.

“I`m giving you some literature and my personal number with your reports. You can talk to me anytime,” she said and handed over a file to Aayat.

She took the file and they went back. They reached farmhouse. Tahir took her to bedroom and said, “Now you will take rest and your husband will serve you.”

“Thank you very much. This courtesy is for your baby or ____,” she asked.

“For both, wife will take rest then ______,” he replied.

“But I don`t want to take rest. I have to do a lot of work,” she said. Tahir asked surprisingly, “What you have to do?”

“I shall tell you later,” Aayat said pleasantly.

“Whatever you will tell I shall listen but you have to listen me right now. It is my duty to provide you rest and peace. I shall work hard to provide peaceful atmosphere,” he said.

“Tahir, you provide me peaceful atmosphere, I promise you to give birth to a healthy baby. Allah (SWT) has blessed me with the power and ability of creation,” she said.

“I shall try my level best to provide an ideal atmosphere but you have to accept my request,” Tahir ensured her. She asked happily, “What is it?”

He said, “You will not go office now.”

She asked, “Can I help you in office work at home?”

He asked happily, “Is it possible?”

“Yes, it is,” she said.

Everybody including Dadu knew that good news till evening.

Aayat didn`t go to any meeting after that. She made her office in a room at farmhouse. She had all the facilities of modern age available there. She could see most of the work by sitting there. She remained in contact with Doctor Almas because she was going through the process of creation.


Two months passed. Aayat was sitting in her office in the farmhouse. She was looking at her laptop screen. The first quarter of the day was going to end. Ambreen called her. She wanted to talk with her about some important matters about the school. Aayat asked her to come immediately.

Aayat sat in the lounge and after a few minutes Ambreen came. She saw Aayat and said with a pleasant surprise, “Aayat, you have become so attractive. You are going to be a mother or participate in beauty contest.”

Aayat asked her to sit. She sat in a sofa and asked, “You are looking gorgeous. What do you eat? What are you using for that glow? It seems that it is the effect of peaceful life. You are taking rest for the whole day and have nothing to do except taking care of yourself.”

Aayat replied thoughtfully, “Some of your guesses are correct and some are wrong. It is not like that as you understood.”

She asked, “I couldn`t understand.”

Aayat said calmly, “There is no doubt in it that I am spending a peaceful life. The fence of my peaceful life is made by Tahir. He doesn`t allow any tension of outside home to enter into the home.”

Ambreen said, “Yes, I know that Tahir is managing all business.”

She told, “No, I fully support him from here. We take each other`s consultation in each and every matter.”

Ambreen asked, “Then what is distress?

“My mother in law and father in law are creating problems for us. They want Tahir to go back to Bhawalpur by hook or crook. But Tahir is facing all these troubles alone and made home a safe place for us. He remains in Bhawalpur for two days and manage his political affairs. He has to do a lot of work,” she said.

“And you take rest ____________,” Ambreen tried to say but Aayat interrupted her, “I don`t take rest for the whole day. I have to take care of myself more than ever. I am training my baby.”

She asked, “I can`t understand. How are your training your baby while he or she is still in your womb?”

“Ok, I shall explain it. You must know because you will become mother one day. Allah (SWT) has not blessed the woman the high status of mother without any reason. The woman has all the qualities and abilities to create a new generation. She can train her baby even in her womb. The training of a baby is started from the womb even his or her mother knows about it or not,” she tried to explain.

Ambreen asked, “How does it happen?”

“This is a proven fact. You know whatever the mother eats affects her baby. Similarly, mother`s emotions affect the baby. Mother`s imagination affects the mental growth of a baby. Whatever mother thinks, it becomes the part of a baby`s thinking,” Aayat told.

Ambreen asked, “I understand that a mother needs good food peaceful atmosphere but how can her thoughts and imagination affect a baby?”

“Nothing happens without reason. There is a reason behind it. I am going to tell you a short story. There are many creations of Allah (SWT). The man is one of them. He has maintained his existence despite of extremely destructive storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters. This happened because the human has sense. It is a surprising fact that the human baby is extremely delicate as compared to the other creations. He or she needs to stay with the mother for a longer period of time. He or she needs to be protected. In the past, only a few babies survived despite their number of births was quite high. The human learnt from their experiences. They learnt how to protect their babies till reaching to the recent time. But they have to face a great number of difficulties during that process. The scientist and scholars tried to understand the relation between the baby and the mother. The experiments showed that a mother can increase her baby`s mental physical ability,” she explained.

Ambreen asked again, “My question is still there. How can she train her baby?”

“To get the answer of that question you have to understand the reality. The reality is that the human can`t understand how it happens until he will not create a link between his apparent and his inner-self. When a human links himself with nature he not only explores the nature but discovers his own abilities. If a human will provide a good atmosphere, a baby will grow well. Did you listen the saying of our Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) every baby is born as Muslim (peaceful) but his parents convert him as Jew or Christin. The meaning of convert here is the atmosphere. If mother will provide her baby with high standard of mental abilities, the baby will have high standard of mental abilities. We can`t keep ourselves separate from the nature. The humans are contesting with the matter and nature. They had conquered the air and water by their experimental knowledge. The man had achieved his survival from the nature. He is fulfilling his needs and obtaining facilities from the nature. He is living a lavish life because of the blessings on the nature. These aspects are important but the link between a human and another human is a separate science. All our sciences are social sciences. The society which benefitted it with social science and made its atmosphere better has more intelligent and world`s best brains. The mental backwardness is due to the social backwardness,” Aayat explained.

Ambreen said sadly, “How can our new generation be intelligent when every member of the society is trying to disgrace other. Mother in law and daughter in law are enemies of each other.”

Aayat indorsed her, “You are right. But it is not impossible to create an intelligent generation. We have to provide mothers a neat, clean and anxiety free atmosphere. There are many examples from the past that the newly born babies were hafiz e Quran (the person who memorizes the Quran by heart) because their mothers not only recited Quran but understood it too. Observe the mothers of genius and intelligent people.”

Ambreen asked, “What are you doing for your baby`s training and growth?”

“Whatever I am doing, I have learnt from my religion and human experimental knowledge. Quran says that Allah (SWT) has made air subservient for the mankind. I think how the air was made our subservient. I try to explore secrets and mysteries. I watch documentaries. I think about the people who loved Allah (SWT). I study about Allah`s blessings and their use. Allah is beautiful and likes beauty. I think what the beauty is. I listen music which is about the nature. I try to absorb the sounds of birds and waterfalls. I think about our Holy Prophet (PBUH) who has demanded the mothers of the Muslims to train their babies. I try to obey his orders to train my baby. I talk with my baby. I discuss mathematics and computer with Tahir. I am linked with my baby for the whole time. I don`t take rest. I`m busy in training my baby,” she said.

Ambreen said, “That is beautiful action from you to keep yourself busy like this.”

“As the colours emerge from the light, a mother gives her baby many things. If the mother is colourless then the baby will be colourless. If I am living in love, my baby will born with love. A mother gives her baby the power of colourlessness. There is no doubt that Allah (SWT) has blessed man the quality to be colourless. History witnesses that the mothers who were colourless their colourless children provided the colours of spirituality. Their names are still glittering like stars,” Aayat said. A sense of silence prevailed between them for a short period of time. Ambreen kept on thinking and then asked, “When you will give birth to your own baby, will you love Sarmad as you love him now?”

“I can`t tell you now. The time will tell,” she said.

Ambreen asked, “Why are you hesitating?”

“Because that thing has no meaning for me. These concepts are created by the society but we believe them like faith. For example, the river is a water body but if someone gives it the status of god. He says the river decides about our fate. What can we do? The fact is that man has controlled the river storms by their experimental knowledge. If a society doesn`t want to benefit from that experimental knowledge, then it`s up to it. It may consider the river a god. Similarly, our society has supposed that a mother can`t love a child other than her own baby. Why a mother can`t sit normally during the lunar ellipse. These are misconceptions but we believe these are facts,” Aayat said.

Ambreen said, “I shall think about it.”

“At least think about it. Tell me what you want to discuss?” she asked.

They started to discuss the school related issues.


The luminosity of the morning was spreading slowly. Aayat un Nisa was on a hospital bed. She was just brought out of the maternity room. The delivery was normal. Her eyes were shut as she was fast asleep. There was salience in the room. A nurse entered in the room. She had a healthy baby in her hands. Doctor Almas followed her.

Nurse said, “Congratulation, here is your son.” She gave Aayat the baby. She asked while holding him, “Why do you bring him to me so late?”

Doctor Almas said with a broad smile, “He didn`t cry like the other babies. So I was worried. I examined him in detail and took some tests.”

Aayat asked, “What did you think?”

Doctor Almas said, “He is normal.” She thought for a while and then said, “You and your baby surprised me a lot. Many babies born in my hands but I have never noticed a mother like you or a baby like your son. He and you remain calm and compose during the whole process. How is it possible?”

Aayat said, “I have understood the status of a mother and then worked hard to achieve that status. This status is a great blessing why I may feel the fear.”

Tahir and Sarmad entered the room. Tahir saw his son who was in Aayat`s hands. He said, “Sarmad see, he is your brother.”

Sarmad moved forward and said, “My brother.”

The newly born baby opened his eyes. Sarmad said happily, “Papa, he is looking at me.” He hasn`t completed his words when the newly born baby held his finger. Everybody was surprised to see that. A sense of silence prevailed in the room for a long period of time. Aayat looked at Tahir and broke the silence, “You are my witness that I have transferred my passion (ishq).”

Tahir said, “Yes, I am.”

Then he asked after a while, “What will be his name?”

Aayat said like she was tasting the sweetest honey, “Sibghat Ullah (the colour of Allah) Devine Chroma”.

Tahir took the baby and put him in Sarmad`s lap. Aayat felt the luminosity all around.


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